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Do you know why the importance of wedding halls cannot be overestimated ? Every person experiences a few important and unforgettable events in his/her life. The most important among them is his/her marriage. Every moment, every guest, every gift received is a treasure to be cherished lifelong. Many rituals and customs, love and blessings showered on the couple, a few sad moments - all these are inevitable in any wedding function. But everything happening in a stunning scene - is this not dream ? In Hyderabad, we offer you all kinds of wedding halls - budget wedding halls, ac wedding halls or luxury wedding halls. Be it a traditional or theme wedding, happening indoor or outdoor, entertaining a few or numerous guests, a comfortable venue with ample parking is unavoidable. If you are in hunt for such a wedding hall in or around the Hyderabad city, we are the right people to help you ! Please browse our website for further information on wedding halls in Hyderabad and Secunderabad. We list wedding halls in hyderabad with price.
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Average Rating and Reviews for Wedding Halls in Hyderabad

Ratings & Reviews

Wedding Halls in Hyderabad with Price

In the hectic city of culture and development, the wedding halls in Hyderabad promises to provide an alluring site for the majestic wedding of your dreams. If your dream is to make one day of your life utterly astounding and memorable then these wedding halls are the perfect gateways. Even after all the emotional rock and rolls involved in the ceremony the prime key to satiety lies in the wedding venues and its services. And Hyderabad has taken pride in its wedding halls which has successfully quenched the thirst of dreamers with a knack of fun and creativity. Like most of the capitals, Hyderabad proves to be the most important city of Telangana . With its unlimited varieties of amenities and the never ending development of ideas it has flourished in various aspects of beauty and modernization. It has attracted people to commemorate such big occasions with pompous celebrations and fun meddled environment. People with distinct tastes will be satisfied with the services provided by the wedding halls. The wedding hall rates are categorized on the basis of cuisines and their quality, decoration and other facilities associated. They also differ considering customer reviews and ratings and the localities in which they are located. If you want a wedding hall with sprawling lawn or pool facilities or halls with high ratings and located in distinguished places, then the charges would be higher as compared to the other wedding halls. Even there are innumerable eye catching and awe inspiring wedding halls with magnificent services and arrangements within a low price range. If you are searching wedding halls with a definitive booking price, for example, under 5 or 10 lakhs, then Hyderabad is the best choice for you. It has got halls in distinct rentals without compromising the quality and the charm of the wedding. Adding wedding ceremony in Hyderabad to your dream list would never leave a regret in your life. But in the hocus pocus world of self proclaimed excellence you would need a guide to pave your way to the dream wedding that you always fantasized. And guess what? You are lucky to have ShowMyHall, to guide you through the most ecstatic list of the best wedding halls with cost, below.

Top wedding halls in Hyderabad

A wedding is a sacred act of union of two souls, two families and sometimes even two distinct cultures. It harmonizes the amalgamation of two unique lives with their own stories, set of beliefs and lifestyle to create a new world together and create their own story as a team. And such an ecstatic event is celebrated pompously leaving no stones unturned. If you are a couple with a desire to a frenzy wedding, then Hyderabad is one of the best spots. The energy that you need would be ricocheted in the top wedding halls in Hyderabad. Even for a wedding to be conducted in a unique delicacy, the city proves to be one if its kind. As the bell chimes or the sacred recital begins, its echoes would be heard all around the splendid halls creating a melodic symphony for the ears. These unique wedding halls leave no dent when it comes to their service or the arrangements. The splendid beauty of the pillars and the exquisite designs of the halls remains unquestioned. And if your heart calls for an outdoor wedding, then the best resorts and lawns in Hyderabad are perfect for your desires. The spectacular sights, unblemished service, and also aesthetically spectacular surroundings will take your breath away and also make your wedding a remarkable event. A wedding event in Hyderabad would fulfill all the dreamy plans you have for your wedding. But you would certainly need a guide to choose the best spot for your best day. Luckily enough, ShowMyHall is all up to ears to provide you the best list of top marriage halls located in Hyderabad.

Budget Wedding Halls in Hyderabad

Every couple has a dream of having the perfect wedding hall for one of the best days of their life. Budget wedding halls in Hyderabad are the flawless solution to the everlasting frustration of finding a wedding hall to satisfy your inner dreams. Because wedding halls play a crucial role in the successful completion of a grandiose wedding. And to plan to get the best wedding hall is a messy and confusing work. It has to be meticulously planned, keeping the interest of all the distinct people and the budget decided for the wedding. Hyderabad is known for being the provider of best affordable wedding halls that would cling to your budget and will give you the experience of a lifetime. Wedding halls with extravagant designing or located in important localities would cost higher and would be a treat for people with high budget in their mind. Hyderabad also has such venues with excellent services, exquisite menu and breathtaking designs at low cost that would be budget friendly and still give you the royal vibes that you have always wanted. Even with a budget below 2 lakhs or below 1 lakhs, you can manage to find a hall with impressive outlook and satisfying arrangements and also make a standing statement that will certainly make every person envy you. There are a lot of best and cheap outdoor facilities available in Hyderabad that would be apt for outdoor weddings. With all these varieties available it would be tough to choose the best wedding halls at low budget. And to help you with such a tough job ShowMyHall has brought the list of best budget wedding venues located in Hyderabad.

Wedding halls in Hyderabad with reviews

The pursuit to find the best wedding halls for your wedding can be a tough job considering the confusing and inexpert reviews of various sources. And in such need of the hour, ShowMyHall brings you the exquisite and accurate list of wedding halls in Hyderabad with reviews. Hyderabad is a city that welcomes people with various interests to memorialize the best days of their life. Be it the big parties with majestic ceremony or a small event with rejoicing celebration, Hyderabad harbors best venues for all kinds of occasions. The wedding halls have been reviewed by the professionals with precision and has also been commended by many people who chose the venues. The reviews depend upon the decoration, volume and the location of the halls. It also varies according to the food quality, services provided and the personal experience of the people. The wedding halls with better reviews have wonderful decors with remarkable contemporary centers and also an enjoyable atmosphere to enhance any kind of event as well as state of mind. The event organizers in those wedding halls will be constantly at hand to give you ideas and to help you plan the entire occasion in the best possible way. The luscious dishes of these banquet halls would never falter to impress you. Various other services including a swimming pool and a lawn is also available in such venues. Choosing a well reviewed wedding hall in Hyderabad would be the perfect plan for your dream wedding. And to make it simpler ShowMyHall brings you the best reviewed wedding halls mentioned below.

Best deals on Wedding Halls in Hyderabad

The wedding halls play an important role in every type of wedding, be it the traditional formal weddings with a knack of culture and religion or unique alternative weddings dreamt by the couples for the best day of their lives. And to make sure nothing goes sideways, ShowMyHall brings you the exhaustive list of the best deals on wedding halls in Hyderabad. The deals on wedding halls in Hyderabad is appealing considering the variety of wedding ideas it covers and the price range it offers. Hyderabad is one of the developed city and is known for its historic legacy and cultural diversity. And in those blocks of development lies the best wedding halls that would never fail to amaze you every time. The high-ceiling, naturally-lit ballrooms and the elegantly simplistic and gorgeously designed halls would be a fantastic option for both pre wedding and wedding ceremonies. The adaptability of some wedding halls to obtain outside event catering as well as a decoration group of couple's option to fit their preference gives them a unique proclivity. The palatable collection of cuisines with amazing services would surely impress you. These highly maintained halls and satisfying arrangements are also available in the cheapest possible way. They are provided with best deals keeping in mind the interests of the people that would bring no regret to your wedding. Finding the best venue for your wedding could become confusing at these busy times. So to ease your mind, this list below brings you the expert information about the best deals on marriage halls with price.

Wedding Halls in Hyderabad for guest capacity

Wedding in itself is a sacred and ecstatic event and that excitement intensifies with the guests and families attending the wedding. The joy and celebration breaks skies as the family joins to commemorate the special day of their kin. Wedding halls in Hyderabad with ample guest capacity provide the perfect atmosphere to celebrate with your near and dear ones. This needs to be perfectly planned with much time at hands so that you leave no one behind to celebrate with you on your special day. ShowMyHall serves as a mighty guide at such situations. It brings you the best convention or function halls with guest capacity varying from 500-1000 people. It also filters the cost per plate according to your liking that clings to your budget and services that would leave no dent on such a great event. Managing a hearty number of guests could be a wearying task. Even such difficulties has been eased by ShowMyHall that provides numerous ideas and options as per your liking. Be it the sitting arrangements, the catering services, the cuisine delicacy or the host/hostess to welcome the guests or serve starters and other necessities and guide the guests through the auspicious moment, ShowMyHall has got it all covered. It also shortlists the wedding venues with rooms availability. But being prepared with the preconceptions of such variety of wedding venues as per your guest list is also a requirement. No matter how tremendously amazing the wedding is, the contentment and happiness of guests will amplify the beauty of the wedding. So without giving it a second thought, visit ShowMyHall and book the best venues as per your liking, right away.

Wedding halls in Hyderabad with wedding services

Weddings in India are a magnificent affair and when it comes to celebration, no stones are left unturned. The melodious songs, flickering DJ lights, extravagant designs and the grandeur procession fills the air with ecstasy and joy that knows no limits. And to enhance the excitement of such event, wedding halls in Hyderabad with its splendid wedding services provide the perfect platform. Such mirthful events bring together long distant families and friends to celebrate with their kin in their gorgeous and glittery attires that spices up the revelry. The convention centers in Hyderabad which flaunt their unique and overwhelming designs provide the perfect atmosphere for such a joyous celebration. The infallible service and arrangements leave no dent in the celebration. The undeniably excellent and delicious cuisines and the comfortable lodgings would satisfy the longing desire of a congenial celebration. ShowMyHall brings you the best event halls that would fulfill your dream celebration for the best day of your life. The wedding services ranging from in-decor designing and flower decorations to catering services are inimitable at such convention halls. It provides you the list of the best wedding venues with top rated facilities and services like enormous stage, artists, entertainment services, DJ for wedding reception, photographers and excellent videographers. ShowMyHall ensures that you would have no regrets while choosing a wedding hall to blend to your planned theme for your perfect wedding. It provides the perfect line of action to research and book the best wedding halls for your wedding with minimum effort. So without any further ado, visit ShowMyHall and book the best wedding hall as per your convenience.

Wedding Halls in Hyderabad for Engagement and other pre-wedding ceremonies

The official wedding ceremony and reception can be full of ardent emotions. However the pre-wedding parties and the engagement ceremonies can be your prime time to slack off, enjoy and shake off your anxiety. Even though the events would be planned in the customary way, wedding halls in Hyderabad for engagement and pre-wedding ceremonies provide plenty of room for personalisation and creativity. These ceremonies acts as a holdfast for the upcoming wedding and is celebrated heartily with the closest family members and friends. ShowMyHall brings you the best engagement halls in Hyderabad with outstanding services. It gives you various innovative ideas and plans to arrange a hearty and small ceremony leaving no event behind. The variety of engagement venues in Hyderabad provide a wide range of options to satisfy your creative mind. You can customise the ceremony arrangements as per your specification and create a little domain of joy and happiness without any hassle. All the services like floral decorations, LED light system, compatible music system, snacks party, tangy drinks and catering would be planned with precision at such engagement function halls. The focus of ring ceremonies and pre-wedding ceremonies lies in the cake cutting, leisure activities, enticing food and glittering ring that leaves the crowd whispering. But at the same time, the fun shoe games, the youngsters dancing to their prepared songs, couple photoshooting booths, family members group singing and dancing and other improvised fun activities makes the event more energetic and merrier. Such events are to be planned meticulously with a small group of guests in mind. And if you are feeling overwhelmed by the number of incredible pre wedding venues, then visit ShowMyHall to book the best pre-wedding location for the joyous ceremony.

Wedding halls in Hyderabad for family functions

People might come and go, but a family is forever after all. It is essential to stay connected and have fun with your family members. And it is the functions and the occasional gatherings that strengthen the bond. Wedding halls in Hyderabad for family functions provide the best spot for such gatherings. Be it the small party halls or pompous wedding anniversary party venues, Hyderabad wedding anniversary halls has got it all. ShowMyHall brings you the exquisite list of all the best wedding anniversary halls with outstanding services to host parties. Be it the birthday showers, reunion parties, engagement function or wedding anniversaries, the site has got the best options as per your preference. Such parties are planned to be flawless, stress-free and harmonious which can be achieved through a trustful management. These wedding halls have exceptional management that organise the event in the most sublime manner, keeping your interest in mind. The food quality, lavish decorations, catering services and other fun game and activities are well managed. The preference of such wedding anniversary venues would also depend on some other aspects like the number of visitors, location, budget, climatic conditions, time of the event, etc. After examining all these scenarios, ShowMyHall provides you with various options with detailed information about the wedding halls. Planning such a jocund and joyful event can be an arduous and confusing task. And if you want a savior at such times then contact ShowMyHall group without any second thought, book the venue as per your liking and enjoy your day with your family.

Wedding Halls in Hyderabad for Wedding

Hyderabad is a developing city, extending its range in various aspects of social upliftment and technological advancement. In these hustle bustle of growth, Hyderabad shows a promising ability to harbour the best venues for weddings. Among different venues, wedding halls in Hyderabad for wedding are the best choice for the wedding of your dreams. Wedding is the foundation of a special bonding between two people of different background and is the beginning of a glorious path of togetherness to tread on. For every person it is a very special day and everything is supposed to be completely perfect as they have dreamt it to be. Making all these arrangements could be tiresome and confusing work. To ease your anxiety at such messy times, ShowMyHall brings you the list of best wedding halls in Hyderabad and would help you with all the necessary arrangements required for this auspicious day. The wedding halls are known for their royal design styles and gorgeous light decorations gleaming along the magnificent pillars of big spacious halls. The arrangements are meticulously planned by the management for a frictionless event. The quality and cuisine delicacy is bound to make people content with merriness. The services are excellent and unfaltering. ShowMyHall categorises such best wedding places according to the budget, location and customer friendly aspects with ratings so that you can have a clear idea about what you want. Finding a trustworthy source for such an important day is difficult nowadays. But with just one click you can rest your worries on ShowMyHall. So without any second thoughts, visit the site now and choose the best wedding auditorium in Hyderabad with ease.

Frequently Asked Questions about Wedding Halls in Hyderabad

Are there 5 star hotels or 3 star hotels in Hyderabad with Wedding Halls?

There are many 5 star hotels and 3 star hotels in Hyderabad that have their own magnificent Wedding Halls. They provide all the opulence of a grand wedding that anyone can seek. So, go ahead and check out all Wedding Halls. After all, weddings are once in a lifetime affair and Wedding Halls in Hyderabad would fulfill all your dreams about it.

Do Hyderabad Wedding Halls allow outside vendors?

Well, some Wedding Halls allow certain vendors while restricting others. Most Wedding Halls have their panel of vendors of each type like decorators, caterers, etc, and they let you choose any one from that list. Before hiring a vendor, it is always best to check with the venue by calling them on above phone number and then go ahead to hire your own outside vendor for any event in Wedding Halls of Hyderabad.

Do Venue prices in Wedding Halls in Hyderabad include decoration cost?

The Wedding Halls in Hyderabad provide both types of packages. In one package, these Wedding Halls offer the venue and its decoration by their in house decoration team. In another package, they provide only the venue without any decoration. Even if you take the package where venue is given with decoration, be sure to check with the Wedding Hall about which all decoration designs and props are included as part of the single package.

What is the cost per package of Wedding in 5 star hotel in Hyderabad?

The cost of wedding in a 5 star hotel in Hyderabad starts from Rs 10 lacs onwards. The exact cost for a wedding in Wedding Hall in Hyderabad depends on the number of guests expected, the food and drinks menu chosen and the decoration selected. The cost of wedding is higher in 5 star hotels due to the elite staff and services offered by these Wedding Halls.

What is the starting menu price per plate or buffet price in Wedding Halls in Hyderabad?

The buffet price per plate starts at Rs 300 in Hyderabad for Wedding Halls. However, there is a minimum guest count for that price. Check with the venue directly for the minimum guest count and price information on the contact numbers shown on ShowMyHall website for that Wedding Hall

How much advance amount need to pay to book Wedding Hall in Hyderabad?

You have to pay 50% of the total price as advance booking amount for Wedding Halls in Hyderabad. The booking price is high and so you should review all Wedding Halls that meet your criteria and shortlist the top Wedding Halls in Hyderabad before going to visit them in person and booking them by paying the advance money.

How much do top Hyderabad Wedding Halls cost?

The charges for the top Wedding Halls in Hyderabad starts from Rs 6 lacs onwards. The high cost is due to premium location for some Wedding Halls. For others, the high rent is justified by the grandeur of the building and facilities provided at the venue. Check their prices on ShowMyHall website now to shortlist them.

What are the best Wedding Halls in Hyderabad with rates?

The best Wedding Halls in Hyderabad are listed above on this page. You can check all these halls here.

Which Wedding Halls in Hyderabad have valet parking facility?

Many of the Wedding Halls in hotels have valet parking at the venue. This is a premium service offered by only some of the Wedding Halls in Hyderabad.

How to find Wedding Halls near me in Hyderabad with the best wedding packages?

To find the Wedding Halls near you with best wedding packages, go the Wedding Halls listed above and select the ones meeting your capacity, location, and other criteria. These Wedding Halls offer some of the bext available wedding packages in Hyderabad.

What services are provided by Wedding Halls in Hyderabad?

The Wedding Halls in Hyderabad provide facilities like Air Conditioned banquet halls, Power Backup, Kitchen, Restroom, Dance Floor, Elevator, Sound System, Caterer, Lighting, etc. To get more details of each hall, go through the respective hall pages for Wedding Halls in Hyderabad.

How soon we should book hall?

In Hyderabad, when your marriage is fixed, the first thing that you should do is to find and book a wedding hall. People normally book Wedding Halls six months to one year before their wedding. You can check the availability of the Wedding Halls in Hyderabad on ShowMyHall website.

What is the best time to book a Wedding Hall in Hyderabad?

In Hyderabad, for large scale events like weddings, you should book the Wedding Hall at least one 6 months to 1 year in advance. For small scale events like birthday parties or naming ceremonies, you can book the Wedding Hall 1 month to 3 months in advance in Hyderabad.

Which are the low budget Wedding Hall with price in Hyderabad?

Low budget weddings need not be dull at all in Hyderabad. You can still have a grand wedding on a tight budget if you book the right Wedding Hall, caterer and decorator in Hyderabad. For example, you can book a small luxury Wedding Hall if your event is going to be private with a small number of guests. You can book a grand Wedding Hall which is not on the main road but a little inside in Hyderabad. Similarly, there are too many caterers and decorators available. If you get the true reviews about them, you can easily zero in on the right one for your event at Wedding Hall in Hyderabad without spending a fortune.

What facilities do the best Wedding Halls in Hyderabad offer?

In Hyderabad, the best Wedding Halls have various facilities to offer their guests including AC, Power Backup, Wifi, Kitchen, Bar, Gym, Restroom, Dance Floor, Ramp, Escalator, Elevator(Lift), Sound System, Mike, Karaoke System, Open Area, Lawn, Pool side party area, Projector, Video Conferencing, Whiteboard. To take care of babies, Wedding Halls may offer Baby Crib, Highchair in Hyderabad. For the elderly or unwell guests, Hyderabad Wedding Halls provide Wheelchair.

What are the list of 5 star Luxury Wedding Halls with Lawn in Hyderabad?

In Hyderabad, plenty of luxury 5 star hotels have Wedding Halls. 5 star Wedding Halls normally offer unmatched facilities and quality. You can explore all these Wedding Halls on this page.

What are the types of Wedding Halls available in Hyderabad?

Wedding halls, Outdoor wedding venues, Marriage Gardens, Banquet halls, Function halls, Auditoriums, Boardrooms, etc are the various types of Wedding Halls present in Hyderabad. Some of them have Jaimal stage, podium, mandap, etc.

Which are the Best Wedding Halls in Hyderabad?

On this page, we have curated the best Wedding Halls in Hyderabad. You can browse this list and decide the venue for your personal event.

What are the Best 5 Star Wedding Hotels in Hyderabad?

In Hyderabad, the 5 star Wedding Hotels with Wedding Hall are in high demand due to the quality of their services offered by them. This page lists all the top 5 star hotels in Hyderabad with Wedding Halls.

Which are the Best 3 Star and 4 Star Hotels with Wedding Halls in Hyderabad?

Most 3 Star and 4 Star Hotels in Hyderabad get booked early for the wedding season. Go through the best 3 Star and 4 Star Hotels with Wedding Halls in Hyderabad and make all your wedding dreams come true.

Which are the Popular 5 Star Hotels for weddings in Hyderabad?

In Hyderabad, the big 5 star hotel names are like Taj, Trident, Hyatt, Oberoi, Novotel, Radisson Blu, Leela Palace, Hilton, ITC Hotels. Some of these 5 star hotels with Wedding Halls may be present in your locality/city.

Which are the Popular Wedding Halls in Hyderabad?

In Hyderabad, there are several popular Wedding Halls where people love to celebrate their life events.

Which are the Popular Resorts for weddings in Hyderabad?

Weddings in resorts is a new trend which is picking up with the new generation. In Hyderabad, there are many wedding resorts, with Wedding Halls, which provide a different yet grand experience and are not very expensive to book.

What time do Wedding Halls in Hyderabad close?

The visiting time for Wedding Halls in Hyderabad is usually till 6pm. However, the events and functions are allowed till late, usually till 10pm. Loud music may not be allowed beyond that point of time. It is recommended to confirm with the Hyderabad about the exact timings before booking the place.

Are pets allowed in the Hyderabad Wedding Halls?

Most Wedding Halls allow pets in Hyderabad. You can double check with the reception office of the venue before booking.

What is the cancellation policy of your services?

To cancel your wedding or any other event booked in Wedding Halls, you should intimate the manager of the venue as soon as possible. Normally, they have well defined cancellation rates based on how many days before the function date you inform them about the cancellation. Most Wedding Halls in Hyderabad would not refund you anything if you inform them on the ceremony date or a day before. However, if you inform them at least a month of earlier, they may refund you some amount.

Which are the Wedding Halls that have the highest ratings?

In Hyderabad, there are several Wedding Halls which are rated 5 stars, 4 stars. You can find all the highest rated Wedding Halls in Hyderabad on this page.

Which is most expensive resort in Hyderabad for Wedding?

The list of Wedding Halls displayed on this page include the most expensive resorts in Hyderabad as well as the budget ones.

Which are the Small Wedding Halls in Hyderabad for 50 - 100 People?

For 50 to 100 guest count, in Hyderabad, smaller Wedding Halls would be suitable. You can find them all listed here.

Which are the Veg Wedding Halls in Hyderabad?

Several pure vegetarian Wedding Halls in Hyderabad are curated in this list which you can go through and decide.

Which are the Best Wedding Halls in Hyderabad for 100, 200, 300, 500 People?

In Hyderabad, for small to medium guest counts in the range of 100, 200, 300, to 500 people, there are many Wedding Halls are available for booking on this page.

Top 10 Wedding Halls in Hyderabad

Venue Name Capacity