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Ratings & Reviews

Banquet Halls in Chennai with Price

Weddings ought to be a glorious event, for it's going to be a memoir for a lifetime. Check out Banquet Halls in Chennai with Price to make them happen that way. With the help of ShowMyHall, it's not even easier to book a venue in just a moment. Not only venues but even any other wedding services are also available to be reserved for your big day. Chennai, the most happening city, fetches many venues accessible for a birthday party, engagement and marriage with comfort. Some renowned halls are located in places like Anna Nagar Chetpet, Mylapore, T Nagar and in and around these areas. What's your plan? An extravagant wedding with unique cuisines or a minimal wedding with decent specifics. Be it any kind, and all your dreams can just be brought to the table with our inspiring cheerleaders. The common fear is the charges and rent, so here is a list of wedding halls with prices ranging from the lowest to the most expensive. If you have a planned budget booking, your hall is just a click away from us. These party halls with rates mentioned are adequately maintained and well-equipped even to face power shortages. Parking facilities that can fit in a cluster of vehicles with comfort, seating space with no congestion, a spacious stage area and a dancing arena are all the benefits that these halls offer to their clients. Our services include purohit services, music and entertainment arrangements, stage decorations, snack stalls, photography and a lot more that would lighten your day on the whole. Book your venues by checking the rates and cost for other wedding services now!

Top Banquet Halls in Chennai

Ever wanted to relish your happy event at the Top Banquet Halls in Chennai along with taking advantage of all the spiking benefits it is offering? Here's a quick fix to all your bewilderedness and proceed with the execution to identify the most beautiful banquet halls. All the set-up, stage geegaw, aesthetic ambience, fascinating outdoor arrangements, lawn space, and any other thing that will enthral you is now readily available through ShowMyHall's customizations. Trust us, for we have already amazed many more people at their significant events. What's imperative is that if this much goodness is served at ease, the pricing will also fall under a higher notion. But with ShowMyHall, you can find venues that will perfectly suit your budget, being low or most elevated. The famous banquet halls in Chennai is located in the city's centre. To list some localities, Adayar, Mylapore, T Nagar, and Chetpet are groovy places for celebration. Most of the good banquet halls permit both vegetarian non-vegetarian cuisines. The cost may start from approximately Rs.200 to Rs.2500. Not only weddings, other events like anniversaries, birthday parties, bride-to-be parties, can also be taking place at nice banquet halls, and you would not regret the decision for sure. If all you need is to make your day as delightful as possible, drop us your desires and let us make them viable for you. ShowMyHall will help you pick the best party halls and other services in Chennai to fulfil your needs. Why wait anymore?

Banquet Halls with reviews in Chennai

People's opinions and experiences reflect a lot in making conclusive evidence when booking a banquet hall or a wedding hall. You can check the Banquet Halls with reviews in Chennai and decide whether to book a banquet hall. The reviews are listed at their original purpose to ensure transparency and build a sense of trust among our clients. A detailed description of the good banquets in Chennai, venue's ambience, amenities, location, pictures of banquet halls, decorations, theme-based arrangements, seating space, valet parking, regular parking facilities, and the events in the venue are all provided to arrive at a clear decision. You can check for various clients' ratings to these best banquets in Chennai. Along with the experiences, a prior notice describing the halls' policies, regulations, and violations is also stated so that the client can be aware ahead. It's nothing wrong with feeling stranded while checking out on a poor review given by the client. Because it is natural for people to face bad experiences, which would not be the case always. A group of thriving management members will be available to discuss any queries or mismatches in your expectations. While all of this sound good, the great news is that ShowMyHall is all set to serve to their fullest potential to satiate the needs of every bride and groom. Apart from banquet hall booking service, event complete wedding planning services can also be with ShowMyHall. There's no stopping anymore; book your hall now!

Best Deals on Banquet Halls in Chennai

We bet you wouldn't regret choosing from our Best Deals on Banquet Halls in Chennai. Know Why? All these party halls in hotels will showcase facilities for the hall and offer a wholesome package to satisfy a complete wedding. Not all, but many banquet halls provide services right from booking a hall to offering a honeymoon package. When at a wedding, it wouldn't look good if we look confused and stressed throughout the event worrying about the What if's? To wipe this distress, banquet halls cover the services to offer a happy wedding. The deals are almost availed by most of the banquet halls as they focus on providing decorations, return gifts, catering, DJ services, honeymoon suite stays and even photo booths. And these are widely accepted for everything is available on a single roof. You can check around places like ECR, Adyar and similar localities. All these venues are getting booked quickly, so you have to be even more speedy and book a venue at least 4-5 months before your big date. ShowMyHall, with its best deals, are available to offer peace to the bride and groom's family. Placing a crucial focus on providing a wholesome package like birthday party halls in hotels with price, anniversary hall rates, etc., will bring ultimate serene and convenience to your wedding or any celebrations. Join hands together and save your dates well in advance with us, as we are already halfway booked.

Banquet Halls in Chennai for guest capacity

Cheerful guests and a room full of laughter s some unexplainable joy. And this is almost the heart of planning every event. To make sure your guests are cosy, we suggest Banquet Halls in Chennai for guest capacity. Banquet halls in Chennai provide a comfortable experience for 200 persons or for 500 members or even for 1000 members and affordable arrangements for those looking to celebrate any get-together events. It can be a wedding, reception, engagement, anniversaries, birthday parties and anything else. Banquet halls will accommodate your guests even with 1000 capacity or just with 500 capacity most comfortable ever. Halls that can facilitate a crowd of 120-400 are also available. A more significant number that may accommodate about 800-1500 people are also available for bookings. In Chennai, you can look around places like ECR, OMR, Adyar, Anna Nagar, and many more prominent locations that will fulfil your requirements. ShowMyHall has options to suit your guest capacity perfectly. Be it party halls for 50 members, or for 200 members or a whooping 1000 heads, there are always best recommendations from our end. You can also drop your enquiries, if any, regarding the floating guests' arena for an even more clear vision. The bright fear now is about the parking facilities. Some halls offer valet parking options to ensure a hassle-free parking experience for the guests. With ShowMyHall, there will be little to no trouble in selecting the best banquet halls from amongst the ones that suit your crowd specific completely.

Banquet Halls in Chennai with Wedding Services

Choose between running behind every other service provider or settling with ShowMyHall and getting your wedding sorted just like that. Banquet halls in Chennai with Wedding Services are a blessing to those wanting to gather their friends, family and well-wishers to spend a lot of happy times together. Apart from booking wedding party halls, many other services also fall under these cadres for wedding services. So let's take a beautifully decorated stage with flowers that will give the bride and groom the feeling of being in a wonderland. Followed by which photography captures the events in an even more beautiful way, crazy, isn't it? When you opt to book hotel banquet halls, additional services like these are also referred to by the management themselves. So this benefits them in holding a good clientele relationship and satisfies them personally. While bride and groom will be in a rush on planning to look at their best, ShowMyHall is here to take care of all other services. Catering services will pose a happy and filling tummy with tempting cuisines from around the world. Some best banquet halls will have in-house catering options, but it is left with the clients' discretion. ShowMyHall, your partner in planning your picture-perfect wedding, will guide you in choosing the mandap banquet halls that will fix all your needs and purohit services, DJ services, decors, and caterers even available be selected. Just type in and book the one that delights you!

Banquet Halls in Chennai for Family Functions

Who would want to spend their time running around instead of spending some quality time with their family in a family gala event? Here's to picking one venue from Banquet halls in Chennai for Family Functions and celebrating all your events almost at peace, coupled with a bit of pressure. ShowMyHall, your wedding planner, is now also offering concrete solutions to book spectacular venues for wedding anniversary, for small gathering. So does this mean you can only celebrate family events? Never that way, there are mini banquet halls that will stock up to 150 members and also a bigger one that will accommodate 500 and above, depending upon your convenience. In Chennai, banquet halls services start from fitting 100 or even fewer members and vice versa. Places like Anna Nagar, Kodambakkam, TNagar are all pretty good locations where you can find and book a venue. Whether for baby shower or an ear-piercing ceremony, receptions, family get-togethers, puberty functions, naming ceremonies, and any other event, it is now possible to be celebrated at accessible locations with affordable pricing. With the support of our event coordinators and managers, all your queries will get sorted immediately as for us, clients' satisfaction is the key to a successful business. Vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisines are allowed in some of the banquet halls. Non-veg cuisines can start from a minimum of Rs.650 and higher. Similarly, vegetarian cuisines can begin with a lower price of Rs. 250 and higher as detailed as the preferences may vary. All you need to do is, reach out to ShowMyHall for small parties or for anniversary bookings and get all your needs satiated whole-heartedly.

Banquet Halls in Chennai for Wedding

Weddings are one of those life events that will be treasured for as many years as you live. Banquet Halls in Chennai for Wedding offer exemplary services to all those looking for the best way to celebrate a wedding. People choose marriage banquet halls for varied reasons: these halls are so well maintained and managed for professional and personal celebrations. Many people will be arriving for the wedding, so it's crucial to feel comfortable throughout the event. ShowMyHall, a leading wedding planner, is about rendering a calm yet splendid wedding experience. All you have to do is type in the best banquet halls for wedding or best banquet halls for marriage, and feel awesome about the fascinating venues it offers for the wedding. For a crowd of 300 – 500 pax, the prices would range from Rs.4,00,000 to Rs.10,00,000. But if you are worried about the budget, make your searches even refined, and you will get to know about the halls that will satisfy your budget needs as well. Budget weddings start from Rs. 1,00,000 to Rs.4,00,000, a perfect blend of aesthetic venues and expertise. Buffet services and even normal catering services at banquet halls for wedding and engagement can be customized as you need. Best wedding banquet halls will have in-house caterers; if that doesn't work for you, you can check out our catering services from around the country. Vibes matter the most, and these venues, with their aesthetic ambience and architecture, will make you feel magical. If gathering all of these sounds like a chaotic task, why leave it with us and let us plan your wedding. With our aspiring team and a mindset to serve best to our clients, an enchanting wedding is doable!

Luxury Banquet Halls in Chennai

Luxury Banquet Halls in Chennai should be the one for you if you are that person who wants to have a luxurious wedding. By booking these banquet halls, you would feel like being in a Disney land, for there are a lot of amenities and ambience available that will enlighten your charm. Some hotels have more than 1 banquet hall to fulfil every clients' needs. Hotels keep their options open to be of service to clients that may require a vast crowd of about 2000-3000 guests or want to fit in a small chunk of 150-250. A wide range of cuisine options is available, including vegetarian and non-vegetarian menus. The menu price starts from Rs. 1200 and can go up to Rs. 1850 and above can even be curated as per your needs at some hotels. These luxurious banquet halls come with extravagant amenities like a pub, swimming pool, executive/deluxe rooms for stay, car parking and lounge to provide a splendid experience throughout the event. An advantage of these luxury banquet halls is that they offer an unparalleled and uncompromised service for the amount we pay. The luminous lights and illuminated decorations will give a good vibe on the whole. All these banquet halls are situated mainly at the city's heart, and travel will be at utmost comfort. Book your family events or any corporate events with ShowMyHall. You can also customize your very own decorations, theme, photography etc. Reach out to us to celebrate your wedding in a lavish style!

Banquet Halls in Chennai for Reception

Banquet Halls in Chennai for Reception will surely be your companion in choosing from amongst the best banquet halls for reception that are highly popular in the city. Reception is the actual curtain-raiser for weddings, and it should be planned so that there are no flaws but only a fun-filled night together. Undoubtedly, the bride and groom will be held up thinking about a glamorous outfit to walk down the red carpet, throw an astounding party for their friends and family, and make delicious food arrangements for the guests. The list will go on and on. To help the bride and groom look at their best and offer an unforgettable experience to the guests, it is essential to book a banquet hall for wedding reception that will fall under your needs. ShowMyHall, a leading wedding planner, has a wide variety of wedding services that will leave you in nothing but wonderment. Since party halls for wedding reception clearly state the number of guests they can fit in, parking facilities would be no problem. Specific banquet halls even have valet parking facilities to ease the trouble to the arriving guests. The catering is also offered in a diverse variety. The pricing starts from Rs.750 to Rs.2000 for a tummy packed dinner. To settle all of these in a disciplined manner may sound easy but never in reality. That's when ShowMyHall will help you plan and present a reception or wedding you deserve! Reach out to us for family or corporate events and wedding services.

Banquet Halls in Chennai for Engagement and other pre-wedding ceremonies

Banquet halls in Chennai for Engagement and other pre wedding ceremonies will be the best place for you to find the perfect hall for your big day. Apart from wedding, engagement and other traditions are equally important in one's life. The couple who have decided to throw a party for their friends and family will be on the lookout to find the best banquet halls for engagement parties with a glazing venue that will instantly double the joy. Doesn't this sound too much? Yes, that's when ShowMyHall will help you pick the right venue with the proper specifics that will keep you calm throughout the event. Not only for engagement and pre-wedding services, even for wedding, purohit Services, banquet halls for sangeet, DJ and music entertainment, snack stalls, photography and many other wedding services are also possible with ShowMyHall and its team members. Being the best place, Chennai will offer a wide range of banquet halls for engagement and pre-wedding ceremonies for low-budget events compared to weddings. Be it for a crowd of 250 or 500, various ranges of banquet halls are available at different pricing. Your pricing can start anywhere from Rs. 450 per plate, and can go up to Rs.1000 or 1500, depending upon your cuisine preferences. We believe in putting a smile to the faces of our clients, and that's what we do. So drop all your worries and share your desires on how your big day should be. Let our team members take the lead for your ring ceremony.

AC Banquet Halls in Chennai

It is never too much, wanting to look hot rather than sweating out of hot weather. In a city like Chennai, the weather can be intimidating at times. You can check out our AC banquet halls in Chennai and book the one that perfectly suits you. Friends and family turning up for your events shouldn't feel uncomfortable because of the hot weather, and the maximum of three to four hours should be spent in a way that's never forgettable. Banquet halls in Chennai come either as AC or without AC. It is never mandatory for every banquet hall to have AC specified rooms. Some banquet halls in Chennai will offer AC room services, and some with normal room Services. The rates may vary depending on your requirements. The banquet hall pricing in Chennai can start anywhere between RS.2,00,000 and go above Rs. 10,00,000 as well. It all depends upon your preferences. Regarding the accommodation, wedding banquets can accommodate even just a minimum of 100 people and can go up to 2,000 or over. So, if the banquet hall is fully centralized with AC, shouldn't the dining halls be the same? Yes. There are some AC party halls with AC dining facilities as such. The thing that will be most spoken about after your attire or the wedding decorations will be the food you have served. So it is vital to pick the best caterers at what they do. With ShowMyHall, it is always possible to freeze searches that can be customized as you need. Step up and partner with ShowMyHall to have a happy beginning with utmost convenience.

Government Banquet Halls in Chennai

Government Banquet Halls in Chennai are exceptional for people who want a minimal wedding. The government takes appropriate initiative to provide an experience equal to other wedding venues. You can book govt banquet halls from the greater Chennai Corporation, and the portal will let you know the details. Apart from that, you can also book your government banquet halls with us. There is absolutely no fear about the maintenance of these venues. The authority so well maintains specific banquet halls. And it also has lawn facilities, parking facilities, spacious catering, and dining facilities. The government employees and even the common people can also avail themselves of this amazing option these days. But what is imperative is that the commoners have to book it before the employees, and the budget will be slightly higher than the government employees. Once you have requested to book, all the businesses will compete and provide the most suited hall for your event. The prices are affordable and start from a minimum of Rs.50,000 and can range up to rupees 8 to 9 lakhs depending upon your requirements. Gone are the days when government wedding venues or banquet halls are underestimated. Certain banquet halls in areas like Royapuram, Washermanpet, and similar locations will offer a glimpse of the best banquet wedding venues available. ShowMyHall will help you by listing the government banquet halls in Chennai, and you can also avail yourself of the best banquet halls. Book your hall now!

Mini Banquet Halls in Chennai

Mini Banquet Halls in Chennai will be your companion to finding the best banquet hall for your celebration. Every wedding doesn't necessarily have to be filled with the gushing crowd. Some families prefer having a minimal wedding and only with some people. Once you have made a budget, you can check from the small banquet halls in Chennai. The pricing starts at about Rs. 75,000 for a crowd of 200 people and higher for 2,000 to 3,000 people. These banquet halls can be AC or even on Non AC based. If you are looking for banquet halls with rooms, most banquet halls do not have the facilities, but some small party halls can fulfil your needs. Or it is even possible now to book a room at the hotel nearby. You can also check about these banquet halls from ShowMyHall. ShowMyHall will help you guide the suitable banquet halls for your budget and preferences. Apart from just booking the hall we also provide services like music and entertainment, wedding services and other services. Not only for weddings but engagement, birthday parties and any other occasions, anniversaries can also be celebrated with the help of us. Proper dining facilities are also made available. If you have made your mind to celebrate the wedding at mini party halls, then selecting from, this would be an excellent choice for sure. ShowMyHall will suggest to you only the best. Reach out to ShowMyHall, and let's make your event a grand success.

Banquet Halls in Chennai for Birthday Parties

Are weddings the only events that are supposed to be celebrated? There is some other day, that's your birthday. Banquet halls in Chennai for Birthday Parties are especially managed for this purpose. Now, you can book a banquet hall from ShowMyHall and enjoy your birthday to the fullest. Let it be a theme based party or a normal one, and anything is now possible with these halls. Are you worried about the decorations? ShowMyHall has paved the way for decorations as well. We have a team of decorators who will perfectly plan your event and make people stunned. You can find these halls in the city's central locations and some in the outskirts. Considering the accessibility to all the people, it is better to have the party at Anna Nagar, Adayar, Mylapore. Confused about the pricing of a birthday party? The pricing starts from about Rs.75,000 and can go up to Rs.2 lakhs for a banquet hall in Chennai. Depending upon the crowd and cuisine preferences, the prices can vary. Some party halls for birthday even offer snack stalls and photo booths, funky enough to cheer the crowd. There are a lot of options that are available at these Halls. And one has to be wise enough to pick the right one for their needs. ShowMyHall, a leading wedding planner, is an expert in arranging halls for wedding anniversaries and events, like for birthday party, get-togethers or corporate events. So join with us, and let's make your birthday a flashing one, indeed in stunning birthday venues.

Outdoor Banquet Halls in Chennai

Outdoor Banquet Halls in Chennai are truly blissful for people looking out to celebrate their big day in a place with a fantastic ambience. These open air banquet halls are excellent in their way. The advantages of these open banquet halls are the lawn facilities, sufficient floating space and seating arrangements, parking facilities, lightings, aesthetic ambience, and free space to dine in. In Chennai, you can find these banquet halls with lawn in places like ECR OMR and mostly on the city's outskirts. All these halls are well maintained by the members so that it offers an experience that makes them an unforgettable memory. As Exquisite as the amenities appear, the prices will also surge in their way. If you are a person who wish to have a lot of fun somewhere, from the usual place, then these halls will be a great pick. Another advantage of these halls is that you don't have to worry about the seating capacity. Most of these halls gave ample seating space and floating space. Don't want to give a shot at these halls, then drop in your queries with the team members of ShowMyHall. ShowMyHall will show you how to have an experience that will make you flaunt all your desires. Make a list of your preferences, the budget, your crowd count and ShowMyHall will plan the perfect wedding or any other event as you may prefer. Not only weddings, anniversaries, birthday parties, naming ceremonies, and baby showers are all possible at these venues. Hurry up and book your slots, as these are limited and will get filled soon.

Large Banquet Halls in Chennai

What's a wedding without a crowd of your favourite people around? Large Banquet Halls in Chennai with a list of banquet halls manoeuvred so skillfully by the concerned people will show you the best way to start a joyful celebration. These venues will be wise as they offer commodious seating and floating space. These largest banquet halls, on average, can accommodate up to even a crowd of 2000 people without much turmoil. And the dining halls that can fit in a cluster of 500 at once aids people looking out to have a grand wedding with a big crowd. Shouldn't this be the right place for your glorious wedding? We have accumulated a list of the top 30 big banquet halls that will suit your needs concerning your arriving guests. For a wedding like this, you can look out places like Kodambakkam, Mylapore, T Nagar in and around the city. Another feature of these biggest banquet halls is that these venues may include even a mini banquet hall to suit a count of 200-250 people as a resort if the crowd exceeds the maximum count. If all of these is so well panned, shouldn't the parking space be advantageous enough? Yes, the reviews listed down clearly will give you a picture that these venues have ample parking space. With the view of fancy lights, centralized air conditioning facilities, and aesthetic ambience, the weddings will be the talk of the town for real. You don't have to worry more, for ShowMyHall has curated all your desires here. Talk to our team of experts, and make your celebrations a win-win!

Best 5 Star Banquet Halls in Chennai

Woah! Isn't this the expression you would want to see on your guests' faces at your wedding? So why not rely on us and pick a venue from the best 5-star banquet halls in Chennai. 5-star hotels with banquet halls are nothing but absolute extravaganza, we would say. These are the prompt places like 5 star party halls for lovers and couples who are off to their next big life adventure. Everything is so well managed when it comes to these hotels with party halls. The delightful interiors, along with the flickering couple in their stunning attire standing together, will make the event much more colourful. There are banquet halls in 3 star hotels are a god-sent option for they offer services that are valued for the money you put in. Right from room service facilities, clean and well-maintained rooms, aesthetic ambience, buffet services and dining options, a dancing arena, and spacious seating facilities, various services are included in every package. Whether weddings, anniversaries, birthday parties, social meetings, or corporate meetups, they can also be hosted at these venues. Additionally, there are hotels with banquet halls that will provide honeymoon suite facilities to complement their wedding bookings. With this much finesse, the pricing can range from Rs.4,00,000 to Rs.10,00,000 and above, depending on the number of guests arriving for the event. Also, some hotels with banquet halls have in-house caterers with them and permit. By letting ShowMyHall know your desires, all your events can now be customized and planned at banquet halls in 5-star hotels as per your needs with absolutely no compromises.

Banquet Halls in Chennai that Allow Outside Alcohol

With world-class facilities, Banquet halls in Chennai will be the perfect destination for your grand affair. There are Banquet Halls in Chennai that Allow Outside Alcohol, 5-star Banquet Halls, mini banquet halls in our city that will pave the way for the big bang celebrations. If an experience that is unique in its way is your goal, then these banquet halls will be your best companion. Be it a subtle wedding or exuberant, and it is now easily possible with these venues. Both in house and outdoor caterers are available to be availed at most of these halls. There are some banquet halls where in house catering deals are offered to the clients. Besides food, cocktail facilities are also permitted at most Porsche venues. Again when it comes to serving alcohol, specific venues do not permit liquor from outside venues but make arrangements in-house. For a breezy ambience with ample space so that the couples and their family enjoy a joyous time, you can look up to places in the locations of OMR, ECR, and the outskirts of the city for an even more calm ambience. One does not have to worry too much if you plan to celebrate an event at these venues. As everything is pretty much included in the deal, right from food, music and entertainment, decorations, parking facilities and all other services, you may find it even cosier to have your big day at these venues. Book your events with us, and have one happy evening and everlasting memory.

Rooftop Banquet Halls in Chennai

Rooftop banquet halls in Chennai will be your best bid to have a chilling party and give you a pleasant vibe throughout. There's been a lot of crazes recently on celebrating events on the terrace banquet halls for the relaxing and the sense of luxury it delivers. Celebrating the blue skies will enlighten the mood in no particular way. Booking these venues will be the wisest decision for those who prefer a day under the perfect skies and a glass of wine. Yes, some terrace banquet halls offer liquor facilities and dining options. To help you find the venues that will perfectly suit your needs when ShowMyHall has taken the lead in planning the event. The guest capacity can start from a minimum of 150 guests and go up to 300-400 or even more. This type of banquet will often offer buffet services in the most commodious manner. About the pricing of the cuisines, the price per plate can start from Rs.600 to Rs.2500 depending upon the preferences. In Poonamallee, Mahalingapuram, R.A Puram, Venues can offer better rooftop services. ShowMyHall will help you plan your events like wedding anniversary, birthday parties, weddings, reception, naming ceremony, get togethers, corporate events with utmost convenience and free from chaos. We will become your best companion for sure in delivering quality wedding and related services for we have a team that is enthusiastic and extremely creative on another level. Book your events with us to have them customised and personalised as per your desires.

Brahmin, Muslim, Catholic Banquet Halls in Chennai

Some families prefer having their wedding at places renowned for the conservative tradition it carries. One such place can be booked from the Brahmin, Muslim, Catholic Banquet Halls in Chennai. To people's convenience, we have carefully sorted these venues with their reviews, location, deals they offer and so on. Brahmin banquet halls in Chennai carry their authentic ambience, and these halls are purely veg based. The in-house caterers are also available at these halls, which can serve traditional vegetarian foods with the richness of their culture. These banquet halls can be found in the places of (locations). Similarly, Catholic banquet halls in Chennai and Muslim banquet halls in Chennai specifically for their religion are also available. If one reason is the authenticity, another is that these places are offered at comparatively cheaper rates with fully packed facilities. The decorations, seating space, parking facilities are all well maintained to ensure an unforgettable experience for the arriving guests. Like brahmin banquet halls, these halls provide catering services and permit outdoor caterers. But certain banquet halls do not permit outdoor caterers for their reasons. ShowMyHall will help you in cases where you are searching to freeze caterers, decorators, DJ artists, purohit services and other wedding services. We present a varied list of many wedding service options to provide to our users. Not only wedding events, but we also are available for planning events like wedding anniversaries, birthday parties, naming ceremonies, baby showers, get-togethers and even corporate events. Block your big day with us and enjoy it to the fullest.

Budget Banquet Halls in Chennai

Budget is a major part of any event's planning process, isn't it? To help manage your cash crux, ShowMyHall has got some good news. You can choose from the Budget Banquet Halls in Chennai and toss any low budget event like a rock star. You don't have to be worried about any compromises because a quality wedding or event is promised from our end if we take the lead for you. To ensure every other person is offered a quality, affordable, cheap and best experience, these halls are cheapest with absolutely all their services, inclusive of quality catering, generous seating space, lighting, parking, and valet parking. These banquet halls usually start from a low cost Rs.200 per plate and can go up to Rs.1000 and even higher depending upon your cuisine preferences. When it comes to cuisine preferences, top caterers from across the country are presented to be selected from our range. Though in-house caterers are also available, you can book from our variants at absolute ease if you want to explore more. The accommodation also starts from a minimum of 50 and can surge up to a maximum of 500+ for your guests. It is now feasible to celebrate your event at the best budget banquet halls as you have always wanted it to be with just the available resources. Apart from banquet halls, other services related to your events can also be booked from us. We are all ears to your needs, and let's make your event the heartiest one ever.

Frequently Asked Questions about Banquet Halls in Chennai

Are there 5 star hotels or 3 star hotels in Chennai with Banquet Halls?

There are many 5 star hotels and 3 star hotels in Chennai that have their own magnificent Banquet Halls. They provide all the opulence of a grand wedding that anyone can seek. So, go ahead and check out all Banquet Halls. After all, weddings are once in a lifetime affair and Banquet Halls in Chennai would fulfill all your dreams about it.

Do Chennai Banquet Halls allow outside vendors?

Well, some Banquet Halls allow certain vendors while restricting others. Most Banquet Halls have their panel of vendors of each type like decorators, caterers, etc, and they let you choose any one from that list. Before hiring a vendor, it is always best to check with the venue by calling them on above phone number and then go ahead to hire your own outside vendor for any event in Banquet Halls of Chennai.

Do Venue prices in Banquet Halls in Chennai include decoration cost?

The Banquet Halls in Chennai provide both types of packages. In one package, these Banquet Halls offer the venue and its decoration by their in house decoration team. In another package, they provide only the venue without any decoration. Even if you take the package where venue is given with decoration, be sure to check with the Banquet Hall about which all decoration designs and props are included as part of the single package.

What is the cost per package of Wedding in 5 star hotel in Chennai?

The cost of wedding in a 5 star hotel in Chennai starts from Rs 10 lacs onwards. The exact cost for a wedding in Banquet Hall in Chennai depends on the number of guests expected, the food and drinks menu chosen and the decoration selected. The cost of wedding is higher in 5 star hotels due to the elite staff and services offered by these Banquet Halls.

What is the starting menu price per plate or buffet price in Banquet Halls in Chennai?

The buffet price per plate starts at Rs 300 in Chennai for Banquet Halls. However, there is a minimum guest count for that price. Check with the venue directly for the minimum guest count and price information on the contact numbers shown on ShowMyHall website for that Banquet Hall

How much advance amount need to pay to book Banquet Hall in Chennai?

You have to pay 50% of the total price as advance booking amount for Banquet Halls in Chennai. The booking price is high and so you should review all Banquet Halls that meet your criteria and shortlist the top Banquet Halls in Chennai before going to visit them in person and booking them by paying the advance money.

How much do top Chennai Banquet Halls cost?

The charges for the top Banquet Halls in Chennai starts from Rs 6 lacs onwards. The high cost is due to premium location for some Banquet Halls. For others, the high rent is justified by the grandeur of the building and facilities provided at the venue. Check their prices on ShowMyHall website now to shortlist them.

What are the best Banquet Halls in Chennai with rates?

The best Banquet Halls in Chennai are listed above on this page. You can check all these halls here.

Which Banquet Halls in Chennai have valet parking facility?

Many of the Banquet Halls in hotels have valet parking at the venue. This is a premium service offered by only some of the Banquet Halls in Chennai.

How to find Banquet Halls near me in Chennai with the best wedding packages?

To find the Banquet Halls near you with best wedding packages, go the Banquet Halls listed above and select the ones meeting your capacity, location, and other criteria. These Banquet Halls offer some of the bext available wedding packages in Chennai.

What services are provided by Banquet Halls in Chennai?

The Banquet Halls in Chennai provide facilities like Air Conditioned banquet halls, Power Backup, Kitchen, Restroom, Dance Floor, Elevator, Sound System, Caterer, Lighting, etc. To get more details of each hall, go through the respective hall pages for Banquet Halls in Chennai.

How soon we should book hall?

In Chennai, when your marriage is fixed, the first thing that you should do is to find and book a wedding hall. People normally book Banquet Halls six months to one year before their wedding. You can check the availability of the Banquet Halls in Chennai on ShowMyHall website.

What is the best time to book a Banquet Hall in Chennai?

In Chennai, for large scale events like weddings, you should book the Banquet Hall at least one 6 months to 1 year in advance. For small scale events like birthday parties or naming ceremonies, you can book the Banquet Hall 1 month to 3 months in advance in Chennai.

Which are the low budget Banquet Hall with price in Chennai?

Low budget weddings need not be dull at all in Chennai. You can still have a grand wedding on a tight budget if you book the right Banquet Hall, caterer and decorator in Chennai. For example, you can book a small luxury Banquet Hall if your event is going to be private with a small number of guests. You can book a grand Banquet Hall which is not on the main road but a little inside in Chennai. Similarly, there are too many caterers and decorators available. If you get the true reviews about them, you can easily zero in on the right one for your event at Banquet Hall in Chennai without spending a fortune.

What facilities do the best Banquet Halls in Chennai offer?

In Chennai, the best Banquet Halls have various facilities to offer their guests including AC, Power Backup, Wifi, Kitchen, Bar, Gym, Restroom, Dance Floor, Ramp, Escalator, Elevator(Lift), Sound System, Mike, Karaoke System, Open Area, Lawn, Pool side party area, Projector, Video Conferencing, Whiteboard. To take care of babies, Banquet Halls may offer Baby Crib, Highchair in Chennai. For the elderly or unwell guests, Chennai Banquet Halls provide Wheelchair.

What are the list of 5 star Luxury Banquet Halls with Lawn in Chennai?

In Chennai, plenty of luxury 5 star hotels have Banquet Halls. 5 star Banquet Halls normally offer unmatched facilities and quality. You can explore all these Banquet Halls on this page.

What are the types of Banquet Halls available in Chennai?

Wedding halls, Outdoor wedding venues, Marriage Gardens, Banquet halls, Function halls, Auditoriums, Boardrooms, etc are the various types of Banquet Halls present in Chennai. Some of them have Jaimal stage, podium, mandap, etc.

Which are the Best Banquet Halls in Chennai?

On this page, we have curated the best Banquet Halls in Chennai. You can browse this list and decide the venue for your personal event.

What are the Best 5 Star Wedding Hotels in Chennai?

In Chennai, the 5 star Wedding Hotels with Banquet Hall are in high demand due to the quality of their services offered by them. This page lists all the top 5 star hotels in Chennai with Banquet Halls.

Which are the Best 3 Star and 4 Star Hotels with Banquet Halls in Chennai?

Most 3 Star and 4 Star Hotels in Chennai get booked early for the wedding season. Go through the best 3 Star and 4 Star Hotels with Banquet Halls in Chennai and make all your wedding dreams come true.

Which are the Popular 5 Star Hotels for weddings in Chennai?

In Chennai, the big 5 star hotel names are like Taj, Trident, Hyatt, Oberoi, Novotel, Radisson Blu, Leela Palace, Hilton, ITC Hotels. Some of these 5 star hotels with Banquet Halls may be present in your locality/city.

Which are the Popular Banquet Halls in Chennai?

In Chennai, there are several popular Banquet Halls where people love to celebrate their life events.

Which are the Popular Resorts for weddings in Chennai?

Weddings in resorts is a new trend which is picking up with the new generation. In Chennai, there are many wedding resorts, with Banquet Halls, which provide a different yet grand experience and are not very expensive to book.

What time do Banquet Halls in Chennai close?

The visiting time for Banquet Halls in Chennai is usually till 6pm. However, the events and functions are allowed till late, usually till 10pm. Loud music may not be allowed beyond that point of time. It is recommended to confirm with the Chennai about the exact timings before booking the place.

Are pets allowed in the Chennai Banquet Halls?

Most Banquet Halls allow pets in Chennai. You can double check with the reception office of the venue before booking.

What is the cancellation policy of your services?

To cancel your wedding or any other event booked in Banquet Halls, you should intimate the manager of the venue as soon as possible. Normally, they have well defined cancellation rates based on how many days before the function date you inform them about the cancellation. Most Banquet Halls in Chennai would not refund you anything if you inform them on the ceremony date or a day before. However, if you inform them at least a month of earlier, they may refund you some amount.

Which are the Banquet Halls that have the highest ratings?

In Chennai, there are several Banquet Halls which are rated 5 stars, 4 stars. You can find all the highest rated Banquet Halls in Chennai on this page.

Which is most expensive resort in Chennai for Wedding?

The list of Banquet Halls displayed on this page include the most expensive resorts in Chennai as well as the budget ones.

Which are the Small Banquet Halls in Chennai for 50 - 100 People?

For 50 to 100 guest count, in Chennai, smaller Banquet Halls would be suitable. You can find them all listed here.

Which are the Veg Banquet Halls in Chennai?

Several pure vegetarian Banquet Halls in Chennai are curated in this list which you can go through and decide.

Which are the Best Banquet Halls in Chennai for 100, 200, 300, 500 People?

In Chennai, for small to medium guest counts in the range of 100, 200, 300, to 500 people, there are many Banquet Halls are available for booking on this page.

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