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Average Rating and Reviews for Wedding Halls in Mumbai City

Ratings & Reviews

Wedding Halls in Mumbai with Price

Wedding Halls in Mumbai with a Price that is affordable seems highly improbable. Finding it might seem like a quest of finding a gold treasure. However, in actuality there are ample wedding venues with perfectly economical prices that provide several services and amenities while simultaneously ensuring a matchless experience. Price is usually the determining criteria for most people while looking for a wedding hall. Therefore, ShowMyHall has the best deals for you that will leave you and your bank account equally happy. Even the best wedding halls and best function halls can be booked under 10 lakhs if you book through ShowMyHall- a one-stop website for bookings and reservations of all event venues and vendors. Clients can reserve any hall with a pleasantly affordable booking price. Rentals usually can be pre arranged under 5 lakhs if booked well in advance. The rates of the rent highly varies, the price list of each venue is clearly displayed on the website. You can even sort the venues on the basis of the price per plate feasible to your budget. Wedding Halls in Mumbai have a wide range of rates. Banquets and engagement halls in Mumbai can charge around Rs. 180 to Rs. 5000+ per plate. Finding a perfect Wedding Hall with cost-effective rates, dreamy ambience and state-of-the-art utilities is a dream that is materialised by the ShowMyHall team. All you have to do is get in contact and take a step back to fully enjoy your wedding festivities.

Top Wedding Halls in Mumbai

Can you choose among an endless list of Top Wedding Halls in Mumbai? Seems like too much hassle. ShowMyHall is here to make planning and organising a wedding as easy as a breeze. Whether it is finding the best resort for marriage or famous wedding halls- ShowMyHall has enlisted the best of the lot. To make your work easier each venue has a thorough description clearly mentioned. Who knew selecting a venue for the nuptials would take just the click of a few buttons? Furthermore, there are good wedding halls within all price ranges. Best Wedding Halls are classified on a variety of parameters like location, price, alacrity and amiability of the personnel, presence of troubleshooters, guest capacity, guest manageability and additional amenities (parking, catering services, decoration vendors, etc). There are 1500+ unique wedding venues in Mumbai and all you have to do is go to the ShowMyHall website, apply the filters according to your preferences- cost, guest capacity, preferable location, cuisines and others. Consequently, the perfect match of unique wedding halls will be shortlisted for you to choose from. Similarly, you can book purohits, decorators, caterers, crew of entertainers and other services via the website itself. Top Wedding Halls have several options to choose from and also gives flexibility to plan. To know more, you can directly get in touch with the venue manager. Still scared about planning a wedding? Log in to the website and get in touch with the ShowMyHall team and enliven your dream marriage with minimal effort but maximal fun.

Budget Wedding Halls in Mumbai

The greatest dream of Mumbaikars is discovering Budget Wedding Halls in Mumbai. Affordable wedding halls that also check the boxes of all other requirements. Low Budget Weddings can be effortlessly orchestrated within the stipulated amount. Low Cost Weddings are all about exhaustive planning and meticulous implementation. Budget is a relative term- it can be below 1 lakh or even below 20 lakhs. ShowMyHall will ensure a prime experience for the clientele irrespective of a budget while also making sure all the needs of the client are being met adequately. The affordability factor of wedding halls depends on various components but the best way to beat the price and host a budget friendly wedding is by booking the venue well-in-advance. Booking a hall should be done 8-15 months in advance for availing the cheap and best cost. Most wedding halls have in-house catering and decor services. Over and above the other vendors can be booked at an economical price by means of ShowMyHall. Budget wedding venues are everywhere- the point is unearthing the perfect wedding hall. Whether it is cheap outdoor wedding venues or affordable indoor wedding halls, it is just a click away. Celebrate all your wedding functions from the engagement to the reception within the bounds of your wedding funds. The more you delay your bookings, the greater will be the fund depletion. Charter your venue with a certain advance payment and speak to your venue manager about the cancellations and return policy in advance. Just ring up ShowMyHall and the rest will be taken care of.

Wedding Halls in Mumbai with reviews

Wedding Halls in Mumbai with reviews that are honest and first-hand accounts are elusive. However, on ShowMyHall you can book any venue of your choice on the basis of the reviews by clientele who have hosted and associated with the ShowMyHall team previously. Over and above the reviews of the past clients, there are general reviews on the website about each amenity and facet of the venue. About food, catering services, air-conditioning, guest capacity, parking space, management, cancellation and refund policies, price and much more that you can check out for yourself via the website. ShowMyHall aims at making selection of the wedding venue like a child’s play. So whether you are finding the best marriage halls with affordable rates or a luxurious wedding venue that you dreamed of as a child- all you need to do is log on to the website and 80% of your work is already done. Bringing into fruition your dream wedding is easier when a competent team of members with great experience does it for you. Trusting any function halls for weddings with only the price mentioned seems unnerving which is exactly why reviews from past clients can guide you to your dream venue. If you still don't believe it, you can always read the reviews for yourself. Every second wasted, overanalyzing minor details about the wedding planning takes away from the fun. Henceforth, transfer your responsibility to the ShowMyHall team for the perfect experience. What are you waiting for?

Best Deals on Wedding Halls in Mumbai

Found your perfect match? What about your perfect venue match? Don't sweat it, the ShowMyHall website has got your back. Log into the website for the Best Deals on Wedding halls in Mumbai. Best deals are like opportunities, they don’t always come to you but you can go find them and the best place to do that is the ShowMyHall site. A single food item doesn't feel half as good as a combo. Likewise, to make weddings more enjoyable and pocket friendly, ShowMyHall has the best deals on Wedding Halls all year round. How often do you spend looking at the price of wedding halls rather than the main aspects like ambience, guest capacity, amenities, etc? Well, what if you didn’t have to do that anymore? ShowMyHall will usher you to irresistible steal-deals that will leave you dazed. All you have to do is go to the website and check for yourself. Deals can be availed by early bookings, off-season bookings, accessing various services and accommodation, etc. Furthermore, deals can also be in kind like complimentary catering services and entertainment services. It differs from venue to venue. For dissipating doubts you can directly get in touch with your venue manager. You don’t have to worry about finding the cheapest wedding hall or a non-AC venue. When you have ShowMyHall, you don’t have to compromise on your big fat wedding, but you will have to if you delay in contacting them and someone sweeps away your deal. So, phone ShowMyHall right away, before others do!

Wedding Halls in Mumbai for guest capacity

Finding the perfect venue and a capacious hall with respect to the number of guests is rare. More importantly, the guest list and capacity is the deciding factor of all other facets of the wedding. But after ascertaining a preferable number the actual herculean task is finding Wedding Halls in Mumbai for the guest capacity of your choice. However, with ShowMyHall you don’t have to call innumerable venues or visit them either, all you have to do is go to the website and apply filters depending on the number of guests. It can be for 1000 guests or even 50. Once you apply the filter, the venues will get sorted and shortlisted according to your preference. Wedding Halls in Mumbai with capacity of 20 to 2000 guests are easily manageable. Wedding convention halls will arrange seating, catering and other amenities accordingly. Consequently, it is advisable to have a rough idea of the number of guests who will be a part of your big day before you start off looking for wedding function halls. Wedding venue halls for a 1000 capacity can be equally affordable as small weddings at wedding venues with rooms, if booked through ShowMyHall. The great deals that you can redeem for your nuptials. Furthermore, the amiability of the management staff and competence of the personnel will ensure zero hiccups throughout your wedding festivities. Planning a wedding while simultaneously managing invitees and keeping track of the RSVPs can be unsettling. Call ShowMyHall so that you can take a step-back while your wedding gets perfectly planned.

Wedding Halls in Mumbai with Wedding Services

Wedding Halls in Mumbai with Wedding services like mandap decor, buffet provisions, accommodation, harmonious staff, valet parking, etc are evasive. Furthermore, wedding planning can be extremely taxing and can take up a considerable amount of your budget. Besides we all know how tedious the research phase of wedding planning can be, and so to your rescue we have an all-inclusive website- ShowMyHall. Through this site you can book convention centres, wedding halls, banquet halls and avail various services like caterers, purohits, decorators and other vendors at your disposal. Thorough specifications for each hall has been portrayed on the website (listing reviews, credentials, bearings, basic requirements, etc.) to ensure utmost transparency. Event halls in Mumbai will be displayed on the website after you apply the necessary filters. To know more about the wedding services offered by the halls you can read through the description and the amenities available. If you want to go an extra mile- you can always read the reviews written by previous clients to be rest assured. Henceforth, whether you want a DJ for wedding reception or a purohit to administer your rituals, you can book them all through ShowMyHall. Wedding venues which provide most wedding services are not like finding unicorns if you do it via ShowMyHall. Looking for great inimitable deals on wedding venues with a comprehensive package that is also pocket-friendly? All you have to do is log in to the website, contact the team and make it happen.

Wedding Halls in Mumbai for Engagement and other pre-wedding ceremonies

Said yes? Well, finding Wedding Halls in Mumbai for Engagement and other pre-wedding ceremonies will be like a walk in the park when booked through the ShowMyHall website. Planning a hiccup-free, languid wedding can be back-breaking if not orchestrated perfectly. From stipulating a budget to finding the epitome of a dreamy venue along with vendors, it is certainly not easy. ShowMyHall is your personal wedding planner site and saviour all-in-one. Find small function halls, ring ceremony venues, luxury banquets, outdoor terrace arrangement wedding venues or any other customizable layout of your choice. Pre-wedding celebrations usually host a smaller crowd and as a result the prices fluctuate from Rs. 150 to Rs. 4000+. Function Halls serve a specific purpose, usually entertaining a limited number of guests. These small function halls are the best for hosting pre-wedding festivities. In Mumbai there are a large number of just Engagement function halls and other pre-wedding venues. Therefore, in such a scenario while choosing a venue, you need to make sure that it obeys all your requirements with respect to the bearings, guest holding capacity, decor, menu and in-house services. Engagement Halls and pre-wedding locations offer many complimentary services and deals that can be directly validated through the ShowMyHall site. Not just engagement but for your roka, haldi, mehendi, bandola, bachelor party and all pre-marriage activities can be hosted in these multi-utility pre-wedding places. It is time to take action, so take your phone and ring ShowMyHall and the rest will be taken care of!

Wedding Halls in Mumbai for Family Functions

A family that celebrates together, stays together. Especially special days like wedding anniversaries, naming ceremonies, baby showers, birthday parties, etc. Looking for a venue for an upcoming family function? For all such events and more you can choose from over 1300 Wedding Halls in Mumbai for Family Functions. The ShowMyhall website displays venues for private family gatherings with negotiated prices, detailed reviews and enlisting all the services available. Therefore, you do not need to look any further for wedding anniversary celebration venues. Browse directly on the ShowMyHall website. From naming ceremonies to golden jubilees, these wedding anniversary function halls are a perfect fit. With a spacious building, great in-house services, family-friendly staff and top-notch reviews from the previous hosts, they will fall beyond your expectations. Wedding anniversary celebration venues that are affordable as well as luxurious are listed on the website. You can easily shortlist the wedding anniversary halls according to your budget, guests invited and can also fully customise the menu. To relive the nostalgia and commemorate years of togetherness these wedding anniversary party venues in Mumbai will provide you with exciting deals and hard-to-say-no offers. Family functions are laborious to organise. From venue bookings, vendor arrangements, ensuring all the needs of family preferences are taken into account to making a note of the RSVP’s, deciding outfits, themes and the list goes on. Let the ShowMyHall team make this family function enjoyable and a piece of cake to organise- so what are you waiting for? Contact ShowMyHall right away!

Frequently Asked Questions about Wedding Halls in Mumbai City

Are there 5 star hotels or 3 star hotels in Mumbai City with Wedding Halls?

There are many 5 star hotels and 3 star hotels in Mumbai City that have their own magnificent Wedding Halls. They provide all the opulence of a grand wedding that anyone can seek. So, go ahead and check out all Wedding Halls. After all, weddings are once in a lifetime affair and Wedding Halls in Mumbai City would fulfill all your dreams about it.

Do Mumbai City Wedding Halls allow outside vendors?

Well, some Wedding Halls allow certain vendors while restricting others. Most Wedding Halls have their panel of vendors of each type like decorators, caterers, etc, and they let you choose any one from that list. Before hiring a vendor, it is always best to check with the venue by calling them on above phone number and then go ahead to hire your own outside vendor for any event in Wedding Halls of Mumbai City.

Do Venue prices in Wedding Halls in Mumbai City include decoration cost?

The Wedding Halls in Mumbai City provide both types of packages. In one package, these Wedding Halls offer the venue and its decoration by their in house decoration team. In another package, they provide only the venue without any decoration. Even if you take the package where venue is given with decoration, be sure to check with the Wedding Hall about which all decoration designs and props are included as part of the single package.

What is the cost per package of Wedding in 5 star hotel in Mumbai City?

The cost of wedding in a 5 star hotel in Mumbai City starts from Rs 10 lacs onwards. The exact cost for a wedding in Wedding Hall in Mumbai City depends on the number of guests expected, the food and drinks menu chosen and the decoration selected. The cost of wedding is higher in 5 star hotels due to the elite staff and services offered by these Wedding Halls.

What is the starting menu price per plate or buffet price in Wedding Halls in Mumbai City?

The buffet price per plate starts at Rs 300 in Mumbai City for Wedding Halls. However, there is a minimum guest count for that price. Check with the venue directly for the minimum guest count and price information on the contact numbers shown on ShowMyHall website for that Wedding Hall

How much advance amount need to pay to book Wedding Hall in Mumbai City?

You have to pay 50% of the total price as advance booking amount for Wedding Halls in Mumbai City. The booking price is high and so you should review all Wedding Halls that meet your criteria and shortlist the top Wedding Halls in Mumbai City before going to visit them in person and booking them by paying the advance money.

How much do top Mumbai City Wedding Halls cost?

The charges for the top Wedding Halls in Mumbai City starts from Rs 6 lacs onwards. The high cost is due to premium location for some Wedding Halls. For others, the high rent is justified by the grandeur of the building and facilities provided at the venue. Check their prices on ShowMyHall website now to shortlist them.

What are the best Wedding Halls in Mumbai City with rates?

The best Wedding Halls in Mumbai City are listed above on this page. You can check all these halls here.

Which Wedding Halls in Mumbai City have valet parking facility?

Many of the Wedding Halls in hotels have valet parking at the venue. This is a premium service offered by only some of the Wedding Halls in Mumbai City.

How to find Wedding Halls near me in Mumbai City with the best wedding packages?

To find the Wedding Halls near you with best wedding packages, go the Wedding Halls listed above and select the ones meeting your capacity, location, and other criteria. These Wedding Halls offer some of the bext available wedding packages in Mumbai City.

What services are provided by Wedding Halls in Mumbai City?

The Wedding Halls in Mumbai City provide facilities like Air Conditioned banquet halls, Power Backup, Kitchen, Restroom, Dance Floor, Elevator, Sound System, Caterer, Lighting, etc. To get more details of each hall, go through the respective hall pages for Wedding Halls in Mumbai City.

How soon we should book hall?

In Mumbai City, when your marriage is fixed, the first thing that you should do is to find and book a wedding hall. People normally book Wedding Halls six months to one year before their wedding. You can check the availability of the Wedding Halls in Mumbai City on ShowMyHall website.

What is the best time to book a Wedding Hall in Mumbai City?

In Mumbai City, for large scale events like weddings, you should book the Wedding Hall at least one 6 months to 1 year in advance. For small scale events like birthday parties or naming ceremonies, you can book the Wedding Hall 1 month to 3 months in advance in Mumbai City.

Which are the low budget Wedding Hall with price in Mumbai City?

Low budget weddings need not be dull at all in Mumbai City. You can still have a grand wedding on a tight budget if you book the right Wedding Hall, caterer and decorator in Mumbai City. For example, you can book a small luxury Wedding Hall if your event is going to be private with a small number of guests. You can book a grand Wedding Hall which is not on the main road but a little inside in Mumbai City. Similarly, there are too many caterers and decorators available. If you get the true reviews about them, you can easily zero in on the right one for your event at Wedding Hall in Mumbai City without spending a fortune.

What facilities do the best Wedding Halls in Mumbai City offer?

In Mumbai City, the best Wedding Halls have various facilities to offer their guests including AC, Power Backup, Wifi, Kitchen, Bar, Gym, Restroom, Dance Floor, Ramp, Escalator, Elevator(Lift), Sound System, Mike, Karaoke System, Open Area, Lawn, Pool side party area, Projector, Video Conferencing, Whiteboard. To take care of babies, Wedding Halls may offer Baby Crib, Highchair in Mumbai City. For the elderly or unwell guests, Mumbai City Wedding Halls provide Wheelchair.

What are the list of 5 star Luxury Wedding Halls with Lawn in Mumbai City?

In Mumbai City, plenty of luxury 5 star hotels have Wedding Halls. 5 star Wedding Halls normally offer unmatched facilities and quality. You can explore all these Wedding Halls on this page.

What are the types of Wedding Halls available in Mumbai City?

Wedding halls, Outdoor wedding venues, Marriage Gardens, Banquet halls, Function halls, Auditoriums, Boardrooms, etc are the various types of Wedding Halls present in Mumbai City. Some of them have Jaimal stage, podium, mandap, etc.

Which are the Best Wedding Halls in Mumbai City?

On this page, we have curated the best Wedding Halls in Mumbai City. You can browse this list and decide the venue for your personal event.

What are the Best 5 Star Wedding Hotels in Mumbai City?

In Mumbai City, the 5 star Wedding Hotels with Wedding Hall are in high demand due to the quality of their services offered by them. This page lists all the top 5 star hotels in Mumbai City with Wedding Halls.

Which are the Best 3 Star and 4 Star Hotels with Wedding Halls in Mumbai City?

Most 3 Star and 4 Star Hotels in Mumbai City get booked early for the wedding season. Go through the best 3 Star and 4 Star Hotels with Wedding Halls in Mumbai City and make all your wedding dreams come true.

Which are the Popular 5 Star Hotels for weddings in Mumbai City?

In Mumbai City, the big 5 star hotel names are like Taj, Trident, Hyatt, Oberoi, Novotel, Radisson Blu, Leela Palace, Hilton, ITC Hotels. Some of these 5 star hotels with Wedding Halls may be present in your locality/city.

Which are the Popular Wedding Halls in Mumbai City?

In Mumbai City, there are several popular Wedding Halls where people love to celebrate their life events.

Which are the Popular Resorts for weddings in Mumbai City?

Weddings in resorts is a new trend which is picking up with the new generation. In Mumbai City, there are many wedding resorts, with Wedding Halls, which provide a different yet grand experience and are not very expensive to book.

What time do Wedding Halls in Mumbai City close?

The visiting time for Wedding Halls in Mumbai City is usually till 6pm. However, the events and functions are allowed till late, usually till 10pm. Loud music may not be allowed beyond that point of time. It is recommended to confirm with the Mumbai City about the exact timings before booking the place.

Are pets allowed in the Mumbai City Wedding Halls?

Most Wedding Halls allow pets in Mumbai City. You can double check with the reception office of the venue before booking.

What is the cancellation policy of your services?

To cancel your wedding or any other event booked in Wedding Halls, you should intimate the manager of the venue as soon as possible. Normally, they have well defined cancellation rates based on how many days before the function date you inform them about the cancellation. Most Wedding Halls in Mumbai City would not refund you anything if you inform them on the ceremony date or a day before. However, if you inform them at least a month of earlier, they may refund you some amount.

Which are the Wedding Halls that have the highest ratings?

In Mumbai City, there are several Wedding Halls which are rated 5 stars, 4 stars. You can find all the highest rated Wedding Halls in Mumbai City on this page.

Which is most expensive resort in Mumbai City for Wedding?

The list of Wedding Halls displayed on this page include the most expensive resorts in Mumbai City as well as the budget ones.

Which are the Small Wedding Halls in Mumbai City for 50 - 100 People?

For 50 to 100 guest count, in Mumbai City, smaller Wedding Halls would be suitable. You can find them all listed here.

Which are the Veg Wedding Halls in Mumbai City?

Several pure vegetarian Wedding Halls in Mumbai City are curated in this list which you can go through and decide.

Which are the Best Wedding Halls in Mumbai City for 100, 200, 300, 500 People?

In Mumbai City, for small to medium guest counts in the range of 100, 200, 300, to 500 people, there are many Wedding Halls are available for booking on this page.

Top 10 Wedding Halls in Mumbai City

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