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Average Rating and Reviews for Wedding Halls in Bhagalpur

Ratings & Reviews

Wedding Halls in Bhagalpur with Price

Weddings are one such festival that is celebrated with pomp and joy all over India. Bhagalpur is known all over India for the silk and cotton textile along with the wedding ceremony arrangements, and the hospitality of the guests. Now you can explore all the wedding halls in Bhagalpur with prices and reviews on ShowMyHall. Whenever you think of marriage ceremonies in Bhagalpur, the first thing that hits your mind is the location and rates of wedding venues of your special day. Now, you don't need to worry about your dream destination. We are here to help you with your desirable and preferred wedding venues. The price list for wedding halls can vary from under Rs 400 to over Rs 1000 per plate based on location and hospitality. With ShowMyHall, you can choose your desired hall according to your budget and affordability. Some wedding halls cost high due to their luxurious facilities, ambience, wonderful decoration, beautiful interior design, and good services. Due to the “Lagna” and festive season, the prices may slightly vary. ShowMyHall helps you to select your desired hall, under your budget easily with a click. We help end all your troubles and help you choose the best wedding venues, engagement halls, and the best function halls for you under 5 lakhs to 10 lakhs We also provide a catalogue of the wedding halls so you can look for yourself, with photos of the grand entrance and photos of the delicious food and decoration. We help you decide your best option and give you a realistic experience sitting in your only. In case the hall you chose doesn't provide a particular service, you don't need to worry! In that case, we will provide all your needs via ShowMyHall.We provide prices that are the least for you and help you receive a discount, as much as possible, at the booking price. If you have decided about the your desired wedding hall and its cost range, then hurry up and book your hall now on ShowMyHall. We are always there at your service!

Top Wedding Halls in Bhagalpur

Weddings are a time when all your near and dear ones get together, dress up in beautiful attires and celebrate the union of two families. Weddings are an occasion to rejoice and cherish beautiful moments. The day holds immense importance in the lives of the bride and the groom, hence, the selection of a unique wedding venue holds immense importance in making the day special. However, the selection and shortlisting of a wedding hall is a tedious process and to make that easy for you ShowMyHall has a list of the top wedding halls in Bhagalpur along with their ratings and reviews. As we grow up, there are a million hopes and dreams that we associate with our wedding day, from a beautiful wedding hall to great decor and services... We want everything to be spick and span. We at ShowMyHall aim to enlist the top marriage halls for you and reduce the amount of effort, hard work, and stress that you will put in while deciding and shortlisting a unique wedding resort for yourself or someone from your family. At ShowMyHall, we enlist the famous wedding halls as per their customer reviews and ratings and also according to the price, this makes the process of selection of a unique wedding hall a less troublesome process and entitles you with the opportunity to enjoy every single moment of your special day to the fullest. Not just this, we ensure customer-friendly arrangements and we keep in mind the little details that worry you when you take up the task of deciding the best wedding hall. If you planning a destination wedding and physically visiting the wedding hall doesn't seem feasible, then ShowMyHall is the perfect website for you to find the best resorts for your marriage. We have enlisted good wedding venues along with pictures and videos that will help you in making the correct decision and in picking the best wedding hall. So what are you waiting for? It's your big day. Plan it as per your dreams and hopes and leave the rest for the team of ShowMyHall and make the most out of every single moment of your big day!

Budget Wedding Halls in Bhagalpur

Weddings mark the union of not just two people but also their families. Weddings provide you with the opportunity to reunite with your long-lost loved ones and celebrate. But, what if your budget gets in way of your celebration! What if you have to rethink multiple times and look for days to find a budget wedding hall! That's what We at ShowMyHall are here for! We ensure to enlist some of the best budget wedding halls in Bhagalpur to you so that financial condition never gets in the way of your celebrations and joy! Not everyone can afford a big fat Indian wedding, the middle-class people who find it difficult to spend a huge amount of money need not worry as our list of affordable wedding halls that provide all the facilities at a cheaper, affordable and best quality will be listed on our website. The total cost of these budget wedding venues will be ranging between below 1 Lakh and below 2 Lakh for those who want to get their children married while ensuring that they do not cross the budget limits. All these budget-friendly wedding halls will be enlisted on our website. You don't need to call each wedding hall contractor separately. All you have to do is scroll through the list of best wedding resorts, sort them as per your budget, and the facilities that you are looking for, and then leave the rest of the task for the team of ShowMyHall. Isn't that amazing! Booking the best low price wedding hall at the click of a mouse and then sitting back and enjoying your big day. These wedding halls will be cheap and best and will not only fulfill your dream of marrying your kids appropriately but also ensure that you don't have to spend more than your budget permits. And since weddings are an occasion to rejoice, reunite and celebrate, the selection of a good wedding hall should never be a cause of worry for you. These cheap outdoor wedding venues won't make your day seem dull. We have listed budget-friendly wedding halls on our website as per the ratings and reviews of the previous customers along with pictures and a proper description of each hall so that the process becomes easy and less tiring for you. When you invest your trust in ShowMyHall, there is nothing else in this world that you need to be worried about. Login to the website, search weddings halls that are cheap, affordable, and budget friendly for you and leave the rest in the hands of our ShowMyHall team.

Wedding Halls in Bhagalpur with reviews

Are you among those people who have always dreamt of a perfect wedding day, with no chances of error? Are you also among those who want everything to be spick and span and yet, find it difficult to select the perfect venue and then organize things as per your preference? Then you don't need to worry anymore! We at ShowMyHall have got you covered! We will not only help you in selecting a wedding hall that fits your budget but will also make sure that you have the best experience. We have enlisted all the wedding halls in Bhagalpur with reviews on our website. Simultaneously handling the vendors, the caterer, the decorators, the band walas and all other people who are a part of your wedding gets difficult. And that's the exact reason why ShowMyHall will ensure that you don't have to worry and go through the process alone. We will make sure that you get a list of all the best marriage halls with rates and then decide which marriage hall is perfect for your fantasies about your big day as well as your budget. On our website, the prices of booking function halls for wedding are highly affordable and perfectly fit your budget. We also provide special discounts and services that you won't find at any other wedding planner and organizer. Not just this, we will try to make your wedding experience worth remembering and give your relatives a reason to always remember your big day with a huge smile on their faces. Once you select ShowMyHall for finding and finalizing a wedding hall, you just have to sit back, relax and enjoy the festivities of the wedding. That's the only thing you will have to do once our efficient team members takes over. Not just this, we will ensure that you don't face any inconvenience and your wedding day is as amazing as you had imagined. Go through the list of functions halls with price on this page now.

Wedding Halls in Bhagalpur for Engagement and other pre-wedding ceremonies

After lots of struggle and convincing your parents, they have finally agreed to get you married to the love of your life. Your happiness knows no bounds. You feel like the happiest person on this planet. But, this is where the actual work begins. Planning the wedding event and finalizing all the arrangements is the task that will be the actual challenge. You have to start by searching for the best Wedding Halls in Bhagalpur for Engagement and other pre-wedding ceremonies. At ShowMyHall, you can search for engagement halls and pre wedding venues that will fit your standard and also won't be very costly for your budget. On our website, you can compare the customer ratings posted along with the photographs of the wedding event. While finalizing engagement function halls, you will have to consider the guest capacity, the theme, and all the other arrangements that need to be done beforehand. You will have always fantasized about your engagement day with your partner. About how you wish everything to be perfect and the day to be the happiest day of your life. We at ShowMyHall will make sure that you get the best ring ceremony venues to select from. We will ensure that the arrangements are as per your liking and that every single specification made is followed. Our ore wedding locations will be the best in town and you won't find engagement venues better and budget-friendly than ours anywhere. You can invest your trust in us and we promise to never let you down. When you select ShowMyHall, we guarantee you the best service and pre wedding places that match your requirements and the plans that you have on your mind. Once you decide to finalize ShowMyHall, your big day becomes our responsibility and we put in all our efforts to make sure that your big day is worth remembering for you and for everyone else. We will do all we can to make your day the happiest and your guests will leave with something good to always talk about.

Wedding Halls in Bhagalpur for guest capacity

Your daughter is getting married and you have a lot of workload on your head? From arranging and planning the decorations to booking wedding venue halls, from finalizing the caterer to making a guest list and sending invites… there is so much on your to-do list and you are not able to handle so much stress at once? Well, you don't need to worry. We have got you covered. All you have to do is turn to Google, search for ShowMyHall, look for the wedding halls in Bhagalpur with capacity and a list of all top halls will appear. You can shortlist the one that you like the most, make your bookings, convey your specifications and leave the rest for us to handle. We ensure that no customer leaves unsatisfied and that's why we check every single detail. Fulfilling your dreams and ensuring that your wedding day is a big hit is our only purpose. Be it a wedding hall for 1000 guests, or wedding venues with rooms, we have got every single thing covered for you. Budget-friendly, top-quality wedding convention halls will be shown on our website. You can choose the one that fits your budget as well as provides you with a hall for 1000 capacity. We will make arrangements for everything, from the band, to the DJ and stereo, from the Mehendi artist to the wedding function halls, we will ensure that your wedding is a day to remember for all your guests and for yourself too. At ShowMyHall you will get assured quality and the best wedding halls.

Wedding Halls in Bhagalpur with Wedding Services

Planning a wedding can be hectic and tiring. You need to contact many people to ensure that you make the best possible arrangements and ensure that your guests do not leave disappointed. The preparations and other finalizing work will begin once you book your wedding hall in Bhagalpur along with the required wedding services. At ShowMyHall you will get a list of all the convention centers in your city, with their customer rating and their price. These wedding venues are specially designed and customized as per your specifications. With ShowMyHall your burden of finalizing and searching for the best convention halls is reduced and you can finally heave a sigh of relief. Booking event halls with all the facilities and resources are the easiest way to reduce your workload and ensure that the event and the management are smooth and there is no difficulty while arranging for the caterers, the DJ wala, and the decorators. We will fulfill all your demands from booing and finalizing the decorations, to calling and booking the Mehendi wala, from the DJ for wedding reception, to the bandwala for your baraat. ShowMyHall will ease your work in every possible manner. No other wedding organizer in the entire city will provide you services at such an affordable price. We believe in the fact that you are just like our family members and hence, all the efforts put in by us are genuine and from the bottom of our hearts. Your wedding will be a grand success and everyone in your relatives and family will always talk about the standard and quality of wedding that you had. All you have to do is register with us, and then sit back and relax.

Best Deals on Wedding Halls in Bhagalpur

Want to have a wedding day worth remembering but your budget is becoming a hurdle? That's what we are here for... We at ShowMyHall have listed all the best Deals on wedding halls in Bhagalpur on our website along with customer ratings and reviews so that you can be sure of investing your money at the right place. Weddings are a time when families reunite and celebrate the formation of a new bond. It's all pomp and show, but we all know somewhere financial constraints limit our choices and we may have to give up on some of the plans we had always made up in our minds. But, what if we tell you that you can get the cheapest wedding halls in your city without having to worry about compromising with the quality. AC and non-AC halls are available at the cheapest prices. You don't have to roam around the city, stopping at each wedding hall to shortlist and finalize the best wedding hall, you just have to visit ShowMyHall where all the marriage function halls with prices will be listed. The hassle of running here and there and tiring yourself is solved and what's more interesting is that you will have a day worth remembering without compromising with your dreams and your plans. What are you waiting for! Login to our website, search for the wedding hall that fits your budget and does not compromise with the quality of wedding that you have in your mind, and leave the rest of it for our team to handle. We at ShowMyHall will make your big day worth remembering.

Frequently Asked Questions about Wedding Halls in Bhagalpur

Are there 5 star hotels or 3 star hotels in Bhagalpur with Wedding Halls?

There are many 5 star hotels and 3 star hotels in Bhagalpur that have their own magnificent Wedding Halls. They provide all the opulence of a grand wedding that anyone can seek. So, go ahead and check out all Wedding Halls. After all, weddings are once in a lifetime affair and Wedding Halls in Bhagalpur would fulfill all your dreams about it.

Do Bhagalpur Wedding Halls allow outside vendors?

Well, some Wedding Halls allow certain vendors while restricting others. Most Wedding Halls have their panel of vendors of each type like decorators, caterers, etc, and they let you choose any one from that list. Before hiring a vendor, it is always best to check with the venue by calling them on above phone number and then go ahead to hire your own outside vendor for any event in Wedding Halls of Bhagalpur.

Do Venue prices in Wedding Halls in Bhagalpur include decoration cost?

The Wedding Halls in Bhagalpur provide both types of packages. In one package, these Wedding Halls offer the venue and its decoration by their in house decoration team. In another package, they provide only the venue without any decoration. Even if you take the package where venue is given with decoration, be sure to check with the Wedding Hall about which all decoration designs and props are included as part of the single package.

What is the cost per package of Wedding in 5 star hotel in Bhagalpur?

The cost of wedding in a 5 star hotel in Bhagalpur starts from Rs 10 lacs onwards. The exact cost for a wedding in Wedding Hall in Bhagalpur depends on the number of guests expected, the food and drinks menu chosen and the decoration selected. The cost of wedding is higher in 5 star hotels due to the elite staff and services offered by these Wedding Halls.

What is the starting menu price per plate or buffet price in Wedding Halls in Bhagalpur?

The buffet price per plate starts at Rs 300 in Bhagalpur for Wedding Halls. However, there is a minimum guest count for that price. Check with the venue directly for the minimum guest count and price information on the contact numbers shown on ShowMyHall website for that Wedding Hall

How much advance amount need to pay to book Wedding Hall in Bhagalpur?

You have to pay 50% of the total price as advance booking amount for Wedding Halls in Bhagalpur. The booking price is high and so you should review all Wedding Halls that meet your criteria and shortlist the top Wedding Halls in Bhagalpur before going to visit them in person and booking them by paying the advance money.

How much do top Bhagalpur Wedding Halls cost?

The charges for the top Wedding Halls in Bhagalpur starts from Rs 6 lacs onwards. The high cost is due to premium location for some Wedding Halls. For others, the high rent is justified by the grandeur of the building and facilities provided at the venue. Check their prices on ShowMyHall website now to shortlist them.

What are the best Wedding Halls in Bhagalpur with rates?

The best Wedding Halls in Bhagalpur are listed above on this page. You can check all these halls here.

Which Wedding Halls in Bhagalpur have valet parking facility?

Many of the Wedding Halls in hotels have valet parking at the venue. This is a premium service offered by only some of the Wedding Halls in Bhagalpur.

How to find Wedding Halls near me in Bhagalpur with the best wedding packages?

To find the Wedding Halls near you with best wedding packages, go the Wedding Halls listed above and select the ones meeting your capacity, location, and other criteria. These Wedding Halls offer some of the bext available wedding packages in Bhagalpur.

What services are provided by Wedding Halls in Bhagalpur?

The Wedding Halls in Bhagalpur provide facilities like Air Conditioned banquet halls, Power Backup, Kitchen, Restroom, Dance Floor, Elevator, Sound System, Caterer, Lighting, etc. To get more details of each hall, go through the respective hall pages for Wedding Halls in Bhagalpur.

How soon we should book hall?

In Bhagalpur, when your marriage is fixed, the first thing that you should do is to find and book a wedding hall. People normally book Wedding Halls six months to one year before their wedding. You can check the availability of the Wedding Halls in Bhagalpur on ShowMyHall website.

What is the best time to book a Wedding Hall in Bhagalpur?

In Bhagalpur, for large scale events like weddings, you should book the Wedding Hall at least one 6 months to 1 year in advance. For small scale events like birthday parties or naming ceremonies, you can book the Wedding Hall 1 month to 3 months in advance in Bhagalpur.

Which are the low budget Wedding Hall with price in Bhagalpur?

Low budget weddings need not be dull at all in Bhagalpur. You can still have a grand wedding on a tight budget if you book the right Wedding Hall, caterer and decorator in Bhagalpur. For example, you can book a small luxury Wedding Hall if your event is going to be private with a small number of guests. You can book a grand Wedding Hall which is not on the main road but a little inside in Bhagalpur. Similarly, there are too many caterers and decorators available. If you get the true reviews about them, you can easily zero in on the right one for your event at Wedding Hall in Bhagalpur without spending a fortune.

What facilities do the best Wedding Halls in Bhagalpur offer?

In Bhagalpur, the best Wedding Halls have various facilities to offer their guests including AC, Power Backup, Wifi, Kitchen, Bar, Gym, Restroom, Dance Floor, Ramp, Escalator, Elevator(Lift), Sound System, Mike, Karaoke System, Open Area, Lawn, Pool side party area, Projector, Video Conferencing, Whiteboard. To take care of babies, Wedding Halls may offer Baby Crib, Highchair in Bhagalpur. For the elderly or unwell guests, Bhagalpur Wedding Halls provide Wheelchair.

What are the list of 5 star Luxury Wedding Halls with Lawn in Bhagalpur?

In Bhagalpur, plenty of luxury 5 star hotels have Wedding Halls. 5 star Wedding Halls normally offer unmatched facilities and quality. You can explore all these Wedding Halls on this page.

What are the types of Wedding Halls available in Bhagalpur?

Wedding halls, Outdoor wedding venues, Marriage Gardens, Banquet halls, Function halls, Auditoriums, Boardrooms, etc are the various types of Wedding Halls present in Bhagalpur. Some of them have Jaimal stage, podium, mandap, etc.

Which are the Best Wedding Halls in Bhagalpur?

On this page, we have curated the best Wedding Halls in Bhagalpur. You can browse this list and decide the venue for your personal event.

What are the Best 5 Star Wedding Hotels in Bhagalpur?

In Bhagalpur, the 5 star Wedding Hotels with Wedding Hall are in high demand due to the quality of their services offered by them. This page lists all the top 5 star hotels in Bhagalpur with Wedding Halls.

Which are the Best 3 Star and 4 Star Hotels with Wedding Halls in Bhagalpur?

Most 3 Star and 4 Star Hotels in Bhagalpur get booked early for the wedding season. Go through the best 3 Star and 4 Star Hotels with Wedding Halls in Bhagalpur and make all your wedding dreams come true.

Which are the Popular 5 Star Hotels for weddings in Bhagalpur?

In Bhagalpur, the big 5 star hotel names are like Taj, Trident, Hyatt, Oberoi, Novotel, Radisson Blu, Leela Palace, Hilton, ITC Hotels. Some of these 5 star hotels with Wedding Halls may be present in your locality/city.

Which are the Popular Wedding Halls in Bhagalpur?

In Bhagalpur, there are several popular Wedding Halls where people love to celebrate their life events.

Which are the Popular Resorts for weddings in Bhagalpur?

Weddings in resorts is a new trend which is picking up with the new generation. In Bhagalpur, there are many wedding resorts, with Wedding Halls, which provide a different yet grand experience and are not very expensive to book.

What time do Wedding Halls in Bhagalpur close?

The visiting time for Wedding Halls in Bhagalpur is usually till 6pm. However, the events and functions are allowed till late, usually till 10pm. Loud music may not be allowed beyond that point of time. It is recommended to confirm with the Bhagalpur about the exact timings before booking the place.

Are pets allowed in the Bhagalpur Wedding Halls?

Most Wedding Halls allow pets in Bhagalpur. You can double check with the reception office of the venue before booking.

What is the cancellation policy of your services?

To cancel your wedding or any other event booked in Wedding Halls, you should intimate the manager of the venue as soon as possible. Normally, they have well defined cancellation rates based on how many days before the function date you inform them about the cancellation. Most Wedding Halls in Bhagalpur would not refund you anything if you inform them on the ceremony date or a day before. However, if you inform them at least a month of earlier, they may refund you some amount.

Which are the Wedding Halls that have the highest ratings?

In Bhagalpur, there are several Wedding Halls which are rated 5 stars, 4 stars. You can find all the highest rated Wedding Halls in Bhagalpur on this page.

Which is most expensive resort in Bhagalpur for Wedding?

The list of Wedding Halls displayed on this page include the most expensive resorts in Bhagalpur as well as the budget ones.

Which are the Small Wedding Halls in Bhagalpur for 50 - 100 People?

For 50 to 100 guest count, in Bhagalpur, smaller Wedding Halls would be suitable. You can find them all listed here.

Which are the Veg Wedding Halls in Bhagalpur?

Several pure vegetarian Wedding Halls in Bhagalpur are curated in this list which you can go through and decide.

Which are the Best Wedding Halls in Bhagalpur for 100, 200, 300, 500 People?

In Bhagalpur, for small to medium guest counts in the range of 100, 200, 300, to 500 people, there are many Wedding Halls are available for booking on this page.

Top 10 Wedding Halls in Bhagalpur

Venue Name Capacity