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Konkani Purohit

Are you looking for a Konkani Purohit? Don't worry!

Purohits are now just a call away. We are glad that we have Konkani Purohits available at ShowMyHall for you. After studying under the guidance of well-known learned Purohits, they have acquired in-depth knowledge about the Vedas and Puranas all set to serve you. Konkani Brahmins at ShowMyHall basically hail from Goa, coastal Karnataka, Kerala and the southern part of Maharashtra.

You can book any Puja of Hindu culture through ShowMyHall. Our Purohits perform Puja as per the client's customs and language requirements. Performing a Puja under the supervision of a Purohit of your own community ensures that all your customs and rituals are followed in their purest forms. Konkani Purohits help you perform all kind of Pujas like Tilgul Puja, Choodi Puja, Tulsi Pujan, Gowri Puja, etc.

They follow Hindu Lunar calendar known as Panchang that gives them the absolute idea about when the rituals have to be performed and the fasts are observed. Karnataka based Konkani community has two popular Panchangs in Kannada - the Udyavar Panchang and the Mangalore Panchang. Brahmins strictly follow the Panchang which guides them for Amritghadi and Vishaghadi indicating auspicious and inauspicious moments respectively.

Our Purohits assure you of the best, peaceful and most bona fide services that bring you close to spirituality. Our friendly Konkani Purohits could help you with the ingredients if you wish so that you could focus on offering your prayers to the divine God without any worries! Let us know all your requirements and purpose of the Puja. Our Purohits will advise you the right way to conduct the ceremony and also the best time to perform your desired Puja.