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Padhamam Havei Mangalam

The Namokar/Navkar Mantra is known as the most powerful mantra in Jain community which means - I bow down to Gurus, I bow down to all Sadhus and Sadhvis in the world. These five bowing downs destroy all the sins. Amongst all that is auspicious, this Namokar Mantra is the foremost.

Are you away from home and hunting for a qualified Jain Pandit by calling your friends and family or on the way to temples for searching for a Pandit? We offer you Jain Pandits who will perform all the sacred Pujas according to your customs and rituals. The most essential consideration before performing a Puja is the pure and flawless environment. Our Pandits bring along all the essentials which are required to perform Puja. Puja Samagri for Jain Puja rituals mainly consist of eight elements and called as Ashta Dravya which are Jal, Chandan, Akshat, Pushp, Newaidhya, Deepak, Fruits and Argh.

Jain community people are very religious and strictly follow their culture. There are many religious festivals in Jainism like Mahavir Jayanti, Paryushan, Deepawali and many more. Other than the festivals, Jainism some pilgrimage places in India which are considered to be special like Dilwara temple near Mount Abu, Jain temple in Chennai, Parasnath in Jharkhand, etc.

Jain Purohits at ShowMyHall has all the expertise knowledge and details on Jain rituals. We basically aim to provide the best Pandits so that our client can get the Puja done in the most systematic way and if you are looking for Jain Pandit to have the Puja at your place then book your Puja now!