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Vehicle - Puja Packages and Purohits in Bangalore

In Hindu culture, Vehicle Puja is performed to sanctify the new vehicle and save from harm and negative influence. Vehicle Puja is carried out by Pandits at ShowMyHall for all the vehicles be it Lorry, Bus, Tractor, Truck, Auto Rickshaw, Bicycle or any other motorized vehicle. Vehicle Puja is usually performed on the same day of its purchase. Vehicle Puja has no fixed ritual to be followed. It depends on the Pandit you book for your Vehicle Puja. This Puja is not compulsory done by everyone but it is good for you and your vehicle. The Puja ritual doesn't take much time it can be done within 30 minutes or as per the devotee's timeline. Hindus often keeps the idols of God on their vehicle dashboard. There are few Samagri which is compulsory needed for the vehicle Puja are Kumkum, Turmeric, Akshat, Coconut, Lemon, Mauli (Red thread), Earthen Lamps, Incense Sticks, Camphor, Garland and Sweets. Pandit for Vehicle Puja in Bangalore at ShowMyHall performs all the ritual which includes Shudhikaran of the vehicle by sprinkling water and akshat (rice) onto the vehicle. The Swastika is one of the important and very auspicious symbols in Puja ritual, Pandit draw Swastika on the front of the vehicle. Vehicle Puja is also performed during festivals like Dasara, Dhanteras, Gudi Padwa, Akshaya Tritiya etc. Are you planning to bring a new vehicle at your home? Give us a call and avail the best services at ShowMyHall.

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