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Homam - Puja Packages and Purohits in Bangalore

Homam is generally performed for the apology of any sin committed knowingly or by mistake. Homam is a simple ceremony which is performed to gain good values in one's life. Homam can be performed at any place in office, house or at open space. It is said that Homam brings prosperity, success, good health and peace in one's life. Homam is conducted for different purposes - to stop getting financial loss in business, to get rid of a prolonged illness, to get a better education, to get success and protection from evil forces. There are different types of Homams that are performed depending upon the problem one is facing in his/her life. Aayushya Homam performed to protect a child from bad influences, Mrutyunjaya Homam for avoiding dangerous situations like accidents, ill health etc, Lakshmi Kubera Homam for wealth, prosperity and monetary success. The necessary items of all types of Homam are copper Homam Kund, Ghee, bark and dried wood of Mango Tree, Cow Dung. The Homam Samagri made up of more than 20 items like Herbs, Camphor, Dhoop, Sesame Seeds and Wheat Bran etc. The Samagri is offered to the God of fire. ShowMyHall has Pandits who are leading in conducting Homam in Bangalore in a very affordable price. Book a Pandit and packages for Homam in Bangalore at ShowMyHall and experience the blissful Homam.

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