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Hawan - Puja Packages and Purohits in Bangalore

The Hawan is a several millennia tradition which is simple and healthy. Hawan is the process which gives peace to our mind and soul. It purifies the atmosphere and brings us closer to the divine Gods and Goddesses. Hawan produces positivity around the house where the ritual is performed. While performing Hawan, we pray to Lord Ganesha, our Gurus and our Pitra Devi/Devtas and pray to God of fire (Agni). Hawan cleanses our soul from all the sins. We have Pandits in Bangalore who are outrivaled in conducting Hawan at ShowMyhall. There are diverse types of Hawans which are performed for special purposes like Aayushya Hawan performed to protect a child from evil power, Mrutyunjaya Hawan for avoiding dangerous situations like accidents, ill health etc, Lakshmi Kubera Hawan for wealth, prosperity and monetary success and many more. All the Hawans have the different requirement but the necessary things of all types of Hawan are copper Hawan Kund, Ghee, bark and dried wood of Mango Tree, Cow Dung. The Havan Samagri made up of more than 20 items like Herbs, Camphor, Dhoop, Sesame Seeds and Wheat Bran etc. The Samagri is offered to the fire during Hawan after chanting every mantra. According to oldest ancient texts, the material offered in fire is called as Aahuti. It is believed that Hawan benefits only if "Swaha" is spoken while offering oblations to fire. It is said that due to the heat of the fire micro-organisms and pollutants in the air are killed. This was said to be the most important task in Vedic times. Note down all your requirements on a piece of paper and call ShowMyHall. We will provide you the best Pandit and Puja Packages for your Hawan in Bangalore.

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