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Designer Frozen Theme

Setup Time

2 Hours


4 Hours

 7020 7800
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Package Highlights

  1. Stage

    Designer drape stage screen with lights and customized fancy balloon arch for backdrop based on the theme.

  2. Cake Table

    Cake table decoration with normal Balloon Bunches.

  3. Floor Balloons

    50 Balloons will be left on the floor.

  4. Balloon Colors

    Balloon color can be changed as per customer's preference.

  5. Entrance Welcome Board

    Welcome Board at the Entrance on the Balloon Stand.

  6. Hall Decoration

    Clusters of Balloons (30) will be used for Hall decoration and the Entrance door.

  7. Entrance Arch

    Balloon Arch at the entrance.

  8. Balloon Pillars

    Two customized Balloon pillars with cutouts will be installed at the stage.

  9. Cutouts

    Trending Theme Cutouts (5) based on the theme.

Add Ons (Optional)

  1. Pathway

    4 Balloon Stands available as optional add-on for Rs.1000.

Complimentary Item List

  1. 30 Birthday Hats

  2. 30 Eye Masks

  3. 30 Water Bubbles

  4. 2 Paper Blasts

  5. Magical Candle for Cake

  6. Knife for Cake cutting


  1. Hall Decoration with bunches of balloons for walls as per venue manager's consent.

  2. Minimum area of 15 ft length x 10 ft height is required for the Stage Backdrop set-up.

  3. Sufficient set-up time should be available.

  4. Cake table and cloth need to be arranged by the customer or the venue management.

  5. Power supply is required for the decorations to be completed on time.

  6. Access to the venue (with required permission) has to be provided to ShowMyHall team by the customer to complete the decoration on time.

Place of Installation

  1. Entrance

    Welcome Board and balloon arch at the Entrance.

  2. Stage

    Printed backdrop, Pillars and cutouts will be decorated at the stage.

  3. Hall

    Cluster of Balloons to be placed in the hall at random locations.

  4. Floor

    50 single Balloons on the floor.

 7020 7800
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