Why a Weekday Party May Not Be Bad Thing

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Its funny how we have accustomed ourselves to live in a pretty mechanical world, where everything is directed by schedules and calendars. And while there is no denying that discipline matters sometimes the idea of breaking the predictable mould is a reason to party in itself. So as more and more party invites are planned around the weekends, it's about time that you thought of breaking some rules. Here's why we think that a weekday party may not be such a bad idea. Just keep a few important pointers in mind and you may have a recipe for a mid-week fun your friends have been longing for but were too chicken to admit it.

The pricing:

If the party is at a venue there are no prizes for guessing that how much money can you save just by shuffling the days but surprisingly even if you plan to party in your own house chances are that you will end up still saving some money and a whole lot of stress. Food deliveries are definitely less chaotic on weeknights than on weekend. Also many eateries have a special weekday promotion where the food prices are less compared to the more sinful Saturdays and Sundays.

Cooking in:

Even though you may not be ordering food, even cooking in can be a better experience during a weeknight. Most grocery shops stock fresh produce during midweek and prices are low to as most people wait for weekends to finish their grocery shopping. So buy in bulk during the week for not only freshest but also cheapest produce.

Plan it ahead:

It's a good idea to ask your friends that what day in the week suits them most for letting their week timetable a little relaxed. Chances are they may suggest a day that works for them and this way you will cut any chances of inconveniences arising for anyone.

Another bonus:

If you are not in mood to throw a lavish party where cocktails flow freely, here's another reason to throw in a weeknight party. Tell your guests, as everyone may have to show up for work the next day the drinks have to be kept in moderation. We assure you no one will mind that. A mid week hang over is something no one really looks forward to.

Early sleepers rejoice:

Having a party in the middle of the week also gives you an excuse to wrap it up early. Which also means that you can catch up on your sleep during the weekend or just spend a day lounging in pyjamas at home instead of deciding the dress for the party you have to attend.

Much needed break:

According to some scientific researches, your brain works better if it is allowed brief periods of rest and leisure in between hectic schedules. A mid-week party will definitely work as a catalyst to give your brain that much needed zing in the middle of assignment and deadline talks. Your guests may thank you later for feeling recharged by just altering their schedule a bit.

Sept. 15, 2017, 5:27 a.m.