What Not do When Throwing a Party

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While there are millions of ideas written and dedicated on what to do when throwing a party, interestingly there are far less trips and tricks on the absolute no-nos while organizing a party. A happy social gathering is the one where all the guests and their choices and preferences are respected. Here are a few pointers that you ought to keep in mind before planning that special soiree

Draw a list:

Drawing a list of people is pretty predictable. But we would ask you to work a little harder and list any particular preferences or allergies that your guests may have. No body wants to get caught in a situation where you were found serving nuts to someone with nut allergy. There is no great joy in realizing that your painstakingly done shrimp platter has few takes because some of your friends happen to have seafood allergy. It's also best to keep the basic vegetarian and non-vegetarian preferences in mind. Also if a few of your friends are off-drinks then keep some interesting mocktails for them.

The time it right:

So your birthday is falling in the middle of the week and you would want to celebrate on your big day. But what if your guests are working professionals, parents to young school going kids or early risers; will the idea of a late night party appeal to them? Talk it over and if they are game arrange for an evening party that gets over not too late. Better still, move the party to the weekend when all of you can let your hair down and party without worrying to wake up early next day. And no, this in no way means that we are suggesting you to sit in front of a TV and munch cup-a-noodles on your big day. Instead take it as a day to party with you. If you live alone, how about landing up at your parents place with take out dinner your mom loves? If that's not a possibility go treat yourself at a fancy diner with just the family for that exclusive family dinner thing. The bonus - you have two celebrations for your big day.

Be considerate:

Neighbors calling cops when you have loud blaring music played during your party is never really a savory situation. If you are expecting that your guests can get noisy or the party may go on till wee hours, its best to let you neighbors know. Sending a note over a day in advance saying that you will take utmost care that no one is disturbed but ask their co-operation to be understanding in case there is some noise. It's also polite to ask if there are no health conditions your immediate neighbors may have that may get aggravated due to noise or music. And needless to add if there are, then refrain your guests from getting too out of control. The next best thing to do will be of course sending over a piece of cake to thank them for their understanding.

Aug. 9, 2017, 4:57 a.m.