What Not To Gift At a Wedding

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Indian weddings are different from weddings across the Western world not just in grandeur but also in many other ways. One of these remains the etiquette of gifting at a wedding. Now, while the West is almost blunt when it comes to suggesting what the couple wants as a gift for their wedding by way gift registry that allows the invited guests to choose a gift matching their budget to take to the wedding in India the culture still remains of saying something but meaning something else. And while the idea of suggesting or even hinting what to bring as a gift is considered rude often the marrying couple are left with boxes of gifts that either are duplications of what they may already have or even worse are a pass over of gifts their guests considered of no use and hence were lying around in the house to be passed on to the next unsuspecting host.

But, it is important to value the sentiments of the invitees and not pass off something that may look obviously as a gift that has been crossing continents as a pass over. Read on our guide on the etiquette of gift giving.

Be thoughtful:

When you are invited to a wedding and plan to attend it then put a little thought on the couple's life, where they live and what their requirements may be. If they are moving in into a new home it may be worthwhile to choose a gift for their home but if they are still going to be a part of a family set up, which is not uncommon in India you may want to pick up something personal for the two of them. If the couple resides in another town or country it may be a waste to gift them bulky gifts. In these situations always pick a gift card or cash that they could buy themselves a gift with.

Packing matters:

it is absolutely rude and careless to gift something still in the shopping bag that you got it. It really takes five extra minutes to wrap a gift. Placing a bow and a little card with greetings doesn’t hurt too. It is all a part of good gifting practice.

Ask for preferences:

If you are close to the couple it may be a fair idea to ask them if there's anything in particular that they would want for their wedding. Chances are they may suggest something that they truly require and rest assured your gift will not lie wasted in a corner of their house.

Money wise:

Gifting envelopes of money not just for weddings but even birthdays is a common Indian practice. If you are relying on cash be mindful that it is neither such a small sum that would scarcely help the couple buy anything nor such a lavish sum that they feel overburdened with. Find a midway and accompanying it with a bunch of flowers is never a bad idea as it shows the couple that you truly care.

Oct. 27, 2017, 4:39 a.m.