Wedding Make-Up Tips For The Summer Bride

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Well, we agree. Summer can be a tricky time for a bride. Not only does one have to put restrain on too much bling or bright tones, owing to the weather; it is also a trying time for a bride to choose make-up that looks subtle and does not melt away. So just in time before the season do keep a few tips and tricks in mind. These summer make-up hacks are secrets that we gathered from some of the most celebrated make up artists and celebrity stylists. Just have a read before you say I-do this season.

The hair: If you are a summer bride, try to look for hairstyle that does not bunch around your nape. That's the spot according to make up experts that you more likely to sweat more at. Either leave your hair loose or tie them up in a sleek chignon. Avoid messy, beach hair, waves or tendrils as these hairstyles look wilted the moment you start sweating. And with the warm temperature along with the camera lights and a crowd of your guests these are very likely possibilities.

The shades: If you are bride who always dreamt about wearing a bright shade of red for your wedding we will not advise to go pale pink just because you chose summer season to say your vows. Instead celebrity stylists advise offsetting the choice of your colours with a soothing shade. If you choose red, combine it with a pale green to give a fresh feel. If burgundy is your choice then bring in a bit of rose pink to get a summery vibe.

The make up: It's your wedding day and we understand that you are in a mood to go all out and look your best. So do not think about doing away with your special looks instead just work around it. If you love a bright red mouth by all means go for it. But instead bring in the dewy effect that looks super sexy in summer by going for high gloss instead of a matted look. If you are big on eye make up go ahead and experiment but add a dash of dull gold and full dewy lips to look summer ready. Other make-up tricks for summer are going for a nude, French manicure instead of bright red nails and opting for a lot of clear shimmer make up. If you are bride who loves the tan, throwing in a bit of amber glow is always a great idea.

The accessory: During summers, there is a lot you can do with fresh blooms. Instead of metallic accessories or beads on your bun how about a few fresh lilies or a few twigs of tender dahlia. Even a mogra garland worn around your chignon will lend an unmistakable charm to your bridal persona.

The shoes: Say no to closed shoes and opt for dainty heels or kitten heels. Platforms or broad heels do not necessarily complement the delicate summer look we are aiming at. Also while shimmer sandals look lovely in winters, during summers try to go for pastel colored sandals with floral motifs.

Oct. 16, 2017, 4:50 a.m.