Unusual Venue Ideas For Office Party

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So the thought of an office party arouses vision of work buddies getting wasted in a bar? While it is indeed fun to let your hair down with colleagues, you spend majority of the time discussing meetings and work proposals, the entire idea of hitting the bar for an office party is so jaded. How about introducing a few new ideas next time your human resources start planning the next office party. Some novel places to go party with your work buddies could be -

A gaming zone:

Yes you heard it right, a gaming zone. And no we are not confusing it with a teenager's birthday party but everyone once in a while adults need that unadulterated rush of childlike emotions too. Some offices have started introducing games as a team building exercise as part of their activities. Research says a healthy competitiveness, working together as a team to win a game are all related to building up a solid and fair work culture. We bet your HR team would want to consider the idea.

A museum:

It sounds too quite and serious but it can be a very engaging experience. In our hectic work lives we seldom find time to go back and discover things about past or marvel at our rich history or discover new things. No one said as working professionals you are not supposed to discover and learn new things. Ask your employers to seek the permission to hold a work-learning meet at the museum that gets maximum votes from your co-workers.

A park picnic:

Spend a Sunday basking in the glory of nature. Look for a heritage park or a nature conservatory that best works for everyone and pack your picnic baskets and relax over cups of coffees ad butter croissants as you get to know your work buddies in a new light.

A theme dance party:

From a garba night to a bhangra night, ask your colleagues to truly let their hair down and show their moves. Dress the part in the chosen theme and you have a recipe of a truly memorable party. And yes enhance the effect by complimenting the mood of the party with the food. Choose a Panjabi menu for bhangra night and dine in style with theplas and dhoklas if you are holding a garba night.

Heritage tour:

If it's an annual office party and your company has had an exceptionally good year try suggesting the human resources to take you for an offsite tour. Discover the heritage properties around your city. Take guided tours to the glory of the past with your colleagues and chill in one of properties for an overnight stay. Sometimes taking a break for a day and unwinding with your colleagues and bosses is just what you need to re- channelize your energies. Your HR managers would agree that it is the kind of exercise every firm practices once in a while.

A boat cruise:

This too sounds extravagant but is an experience to remember. If your company has reservations you could even consider if the colleagues would be willing to contribute part of the expenditure. Sail under the stars as you discuss life and work without the hassle of deadlines and pressure.

Aug. 17, 2017, 5:19 a.m.