Tips To Keep In Mind While Choosing Your Party Venue

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When planning a party, there are dozens of things to be kept in mind. But one of the most important starting points often remains choosing the venue. From budget to location and everything in between here are a few things you must consider while venue hunting for your next big party.


This one is a no-brainer, you would say. While there is no doubt that you would look for a place that is conveniently located and is easy to reach there are other important often overlooked aspects that must be considered. Look if the venue is adequately lit from outside especially if it's a nighttime party. You wouldn't want your guests to be groping in the dark to reach the party. Also look for parking facilities. If the parking is not very close ask if there is a provision of valet parking to ease your guests of the trouble of looking for a parking spot. Your guests may also include women who may have come alone or in groups. Do consider if the area is safe for women to reach and take a walk back from after the party.


When choosing a venue do look for advantages that come along with it. For instance if you are booking a bare room you will have to spend a little extra to deck it up but if you have chosen a park or a farm house, chances are that the nature's beauty would be sufficient and you may have to just concentrate on catering and food presentation only.

Special needs:

Do look out if your shortlisted venue deserves any brownie points for additional benefits that it comes with. If the washrooms have diaper changing units it is definitely a great advantage for new moms in the party. Do look if there are ramps for people with special needs. In case there are resting rooms for any elderly guests in case your function is expected to extend for long hours, that too is a good idea. If your venue has a dedicated play area for kids that too is a good point to consider.


While the amount you want to or can spend for your next party largely determines where and which venue you would choose, here is something to ponder on. In case your party is not date bound for instance a wedding or a birthday then look for days, which are not too heavy on mahurat. On such days the venue costs are bound to go up. Some places give you an option of choosing the venue just for a few hours and charge you likewise. A kid's birthday for instance can be wrapped up in two hours so its best to book the place for a specified time only.Ask the venue provider in case you may require any extra services like a canopy on a rainy day; the charges of same should be covered in your costs.

Aug. 3, 2017, 5:48 a.m.