Throwing a Candy Land Party

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Just because Christmas is over, should be no reason why one should not be allowed to go all out and celebrate an occasion with an unadulterated glee of a toddler. Sometimes it's one of the most refreshing things to do to let our inner child take over to celebrate an occasion in a purely whimsical way. Throwing a Candy Land theme party can be one of such things in life. You can choose any occasion – a birthday, a farewell, even a promotion and celebrate a day in a virtual kids land. We assure you not only the kids but the adults will love the fanciful idea of bringing out the child in each one of us. Here's how you can go about it.

Colour pop: Since the theme is candy land go for a rainbow of pop colours for the décor. Hang huge cut outs of lollipops and childhood candies we all had as kids for that nostalgia trip. From Melody chocolate toffee to Parle orange candies, choose your predominant age group, and work out you're your nostalgia theme on the toffee, candy, lollypop or chocolate you all will relate your growing up years with.

Bring out the cotton candies: There is so much pure joy associated with doing nothing but having cotton candies in florescent hues - an activity most grown ups would not have indulged in for years. Give your friends a break from their pre plated and carefully crated steaks and salads and serve them the joys of having cotton candies on sticks.

Candy tambola: Introduce games with rewards that result in a pouch full of candies. Tambola, musical chairs or any other games you would want to play with your guests. The idea being to relive the times when the awards that gave us the utmost joys included things such as a humble bag of candies.

Candy based drinks: Forget the grown up drinks such as Margarita or Sangria instead think of childhood choices Kala khatta soda, lemon pop drink, orange medley. Serve your guests drinks that borrow from the nostalgia.

The food: Yes suggesting candies as entree can be a bit too child like so choose your menu carefully with dishes that remind us of our school lunch boxes. Think of maggi, pinwheel sandwiches, fruit loops, fruit custard and the works. We promise it will be an experience one of its kind for your guests.

The props: Ask for a local craftsman to prepare a candy wish tree. Not only will it serve as an excellent photo booth for all your pictures and those selfies you would want to post on social media you can also introduce a small activity where everyone who stands below the tree enacts a childhood fantasy. Before you know you may have your buddy who aspired to be a rock star growing up belting an impromptu song or your programmer friend reliving her childhood dream of teaching philosophy. Also a thoughtful party favor can be to get a custom made candy flavor for each of your guests. So Mr Calm-even-under-pressure gets a cucumber lolly while the one who has got a hot temper gets chocolate with chillies.

Aug. 30, 2017, 5:08 a.m.