Thrifty Ideas To Snag A Wedding Venue For Less

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For many couples, the idea of spending 10 lakhs on a single day seems to be an immature decision. Finding an economical wedding venue which would definitely fit your budget is not everybody's cup of tea. Cutting down on some extra expenses is a perfect idea. There are thousands of ways through which you can save a big amount. Luckily, there are so many ways to significantly reduce the amount you spend on the venue.

Choose a weekday: If you can then avoid booking a venue on a weekend especially in fact on Saturday nights. Yes, we know it is, in fact, one of the most convenient days for both the hosts and the guests but then the truth is that it also the costliest when it comes to venue rates. If you must have a function on Saturday then try working out the afternoon hours as they tend to be generally a little cheaper than the night time rates.

Think creative: Do not focus on just the most well-known venues in the city. Sometimes there are smaller gems situated within the city that are undiscovered. Maybe a new hall that has just come up in the city or a park destination not many may have thought of as a venue idea. If you look at the most talked about places, of course, they will come with their share of expenses. Hence it is important to find out hidden places within the city, which may give you all the necessities that you are looking at but will not burn a hole in your pocket because of the frills and fancies of that name associated with them.

New restaurants: If you must stick to a certain hotel for the repute it brings along try asking if there is a new restraint or a coffee shop they would want to promote and if they can book that space for you in the evening. Sometimes a new place may come cheaper because the hotel may want to promote it as well. Keep an eye on the upcoming destinations in your city and try to book them in advance. The trick may work, as it can be a win-win situation for both you and the place that wants to get new walk-ins.

Same place, two functions: Yes, the idea of having the different function in different places is a dream but in reality, if you can settle to host two functions at the same venue on consecutive days the place may be ready to work out a deal for you. So you could have your wedding followed by the reception at the same place. But in case you want to have a pause between the two functions consider hosting a smaller function as Mehendi night etc at the same venue instead of booking an altogether different space.

Be a smart cookie: Instead of going to a venue and announcing as all grandeur that you have come to book a wedding space how about inspecting the place sharing that you are looking for a possible function. Here is why this may work. Weddings in India are the biggest business opportunities for everyone involved. The moment you mention wedding the expectations immediately go up. So its best to ask the price for a function held at that place instead of asking for wedding venue rates. This may work for you in the long run as once the price is quoted to you they cant diametrically hike it up just after hearing that it's a wedding function.

May 24, 2018, 5:59 a.m.