Thoughtful Party Favours

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You may spend days, even months planning that splendid party for your friends. But often after the evening, the talks of good food, great ambience and what a perfect host you were wane as quickly as the moon. How about adding a little generous touch to your party and ensure that your guests remember your gesture for a much longer time.

Adding a little thoughtful gift for your attending guests as has been cultural and traditional norm often at weddings and almost always on birthdays but who says you can't give that little token of love to your friends who took out time to be with you for your informal weekend party too?

Here are few things you can do for your guests, and we promise it won't dent your party budget.

Personalized mugs:

You can buy plain coffee mugs in bulk and ask a photographer to imprint a photo or a small thank you note for your guests. While adding their photos will make them feel extra special and won't cost much if you are hard pressed for time to fish out individual pictures and get them printed you can go for thoughtful messages such as- Until we see you next, Remember us when you sip your morning coffee etc.

Bring out the baker:

If you like a little bit of baking then it's your moment to shine in the sun. And no we are not giving you any back-breaking advice such as baking a chocolate cake for everyone but just doing a large batch of plain wheat cookies. Make the simplest recipe using three ingredients and get a cookie cutter for those quirky shapes. Pack a handful of them in a mason jar for each of your guests. This personal touch will leave them overwhelmed.

Get crafty:

All of us like to try our hands on a little bit of craft once in a while. How about using a little bit of your imagination and a bit of aesthetic to create a custom gift. Get our some craft paper in colors such as reds, yellows, and greens. Cut them in circular shapes. Simply pleat it neatly in an origami pattern. When you open you will get small pleated circles. Make it in several colors. Take a black thick craft paper and now bring several small circular pieces of your origami and paste on the black canvas. If you have time and won't mind spending some more get these pieces framed for your very own piece of craft ready to adorn the wall of your friend.

Art pieces:

Take out old glass bottles and give them a fresh lease by giving a nice coat of paint. A gold dust or a zany yellow with patterns in a different color drawn over it can be a great give away. Make it more special by adding a stem or two of flowers if you have from your garden. Next time when you visit your friends you may just find your artwork taking the pride of the place on their center table.

July 18, 2017, 6:43 a.m.