Things to Consider Before Booking Your Venue

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Everything about planning your wedding day details needs immaculate attention but nothing beats the importance of a great wedding venue. While budget, availability, and location of the venue should be the prime concerns; often there are little details that you should pay attention to in order to save you from any worries on your D-day. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you begin venue hunting for that most important occasion of your life.

Weather alert:

In case you are having your wedding during the balmy part of the year and decide to go for a romantic setting beneath the open sky, do consider practical aspects too. While the idea of your guests darting at the stars while feasting on your wedding buffet sounds utterly magical, sometimes unexpectedly the weather may play the party pooper. Consider if there is a covered area in case of those unwelcome showers. If there is no covered area ask if there is an efficient canopy arrangement that can take care of your guests.

Find my way:

It's a common practice these days to have a map of your wedding venue printed on your invitation card, consider the factors that ensure easy spotting of your venue once your guests reach the area. Do see if there are enough signboards or directions leading you to the place. If the area immediately surrounding your venue is not well lit consider asking the venue management if they can do something about it. 

Cancellation or postponement policies:

While no one likes to think of any untoward incident on a happy day but life can be harsh sometimes. There is no harm in sparing a thought towards an unforeseen circumstance such as sudden illness, a personal loss or an emergency situation in the city. Ask the booking office before hand on what happens if god forbid such a situation were to arise. It's better to have a written understanding of the arrangement and try to see if there is an insurance, which can cover an event such as this.

Ceremony corner:

You may want to consider if the wedding area has a dedicated space for ceremonial procedures such as pheras. A make shift arrangement to conduct the most important ritual may look like an after thought. So do check out the space for ceremonies and in case there isn't one you may want to check out the arrangement the place makes by visiting some of the functions before you take the final call.

Compassion counts:

Very few people pay attention to it but then that shouldn't stop you from setting a positive trend. If you have any people with disabilities attending your function do check if the venue is equipped to make it easy for those with any handicaps. It may also be a good idea to reserve a few comfortable seating spaces for elderly and children. A room for breastfeeding moms may also be a good idea that will show that you value every guest's comfort. After all, a kind host is the best host.

July 18, 2017, 5:12 a.m.