Things Your Wedding Guests do Care About

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So if there is a list of things that can be easily omitted off your wedding planning list as unnecessary extras, then there are also things that do however go on to make a lot of difference and are noticed by your invitees. So the best advise is to omit the extras and focus on the essentials. Here are a few things that make a wedding party a special occasion for everyone involved.

The Food:

There is a reason why they say that Indian weddings are synonymous with good food. The wedding extravaganza is never complete without guests coming out and discussing how the food was. This is not only the done, conversation starter amongst guests at the party but also moment that has the potential to make or break your wedding party. Hire the best cook that you can, place your trust on a reputed catering company and always do the food sampling before the feast is actually prepared and laid down for your guests. Always ensure that you use quality ingredients in the food preparation and leave no stone unturned to ensure that your guests have a gastronomic experience they would love talking about.

The conveniences:

Make sure that you pay proper attention to small conveniences such as a proper parking facility. There is no worse dampener for a guest to be trudging their car looking for a spot to park for considerable time before they can enter the venue. If the need be invest in valet parking, the guests will enjoy a smooth entry and exit and there will be no harried call for cars or parking spots. It's a small gesture definitely worth investing in.

The endless waiting period:

Now time is precious and no one likes the idea of waiting while staring at your beautiful chandeliers as the pace of your wedding festivities moves at a snail's pace. While in a typical Indian wedding some delays are expected do not try to test the patience of your guests. Try to follow the scheduled listed on your wedding card. If some over enthusiastic friends would rather dance for hours before the baraat enters the wedding arena, politely shift the dancing party inside and carry on with the other formalities. Also the absolute worst can be - having your guests wait for food and satiate themselves with just the smell of yummy spread wafting in the air. Keep them entertained with yummy snacks and drinks as the other processions and traditions are been performed.

The Music:

And while this is no advice to get a DJ carousel for your guests, what will work better is that you choose the music thoughtfully and play it in tones that also allow an easy flow of conversation. Your wedding party is also an occasion for many of your friends and relative to meet and catch up with each other. Its also one of those rare occasions that mostly the conversations would be about what role you play in their lives or how long they have known you. Why let these precious conversations be drowned in some inaudible music.

Sept. 14, 2017, 5:36 a.m.