Things To Look For Before Hiring a Party Planner

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Organizing a party is no easy task. With the additional responsibility of ensuring that each of your guests feel important, have a good time.At the same time taking care that the catering is perfect and the decor looks flawless, you end up burning so much energy already that it seems less likely that you could enjoy the party. So what is it that the host is got to do to truly let their hair down? Perhaps in situations such as these hiring, a party planner sounds like an idea up from the heavens. But before you think about bidding your worries bye bye and signing that fat check for someone to take care of your party, there may be a few things that you could consider not only to hire the best party planner but also to get the best of your money's worth.

Ask for a portfolio:

When you are zeroing in on a party planner it is best to ask them to show through their portfolio of work. This step would help you ensure that the party planner you are thinking of signing in has done a variety of work. Some planners specialize in just weddings while the others are famous for customizing kids parties. While a party planner can surely do the needful for any sort of party, but when you are playing money, it might as well makes sense that you get value for every penny spent. Getting a party planner who's accustomed to the occasion makes things a lot easier and less stressful.

Give and take ideas:

While you may be having a vision for your party that you must discuss with your planner, be open to their suggestions too. Give them a brief outline of what your idea is and then let them fill in the details. This way you will be able to gauge the creativity of your party planner and then decide better if the two of you are in sync when it comes to the conceptualization.

Discuss any hidden/fringe costs:

A party planner typically gives you an estimate of their services but it is important to go through every detail minutely. Do the flower arrangement costs include the buying of flowers or is it just the charge of the service. Though the idea of your planner may not be to mislead you into unforeseen costs but often they assume in the territory of their work that you would know about the hidden costs. It is extremely essential to clear these details, as the entire purpose of letting someone organize a party is to take you off stress and the last thing you want is to take any added financial stress.

Read reviews:

While in the days of social media this goes without saying but it may also not be a bad idea to write back or talk to a few reviewers on why they would or would not recommend the services. By getting personal feedback you may be able to form a clearer decision on whether your hunt for that perfect lanner is over or do you need to look some more.

Oct. 3, 2017, 5:44 a.m.