Things To Keep In Mind While Organizing A Destination Wedding

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While it is extremely exciting to organize your wedding in a new place amidst new surroundings and culture, it is very crucial to know a place a little better before zeroing it as your wedding destination. And though budget, location etc. are some of the obvious things you would keep in consideration, being mindful of the things other than the obvious may also save you a lot of stress later. Here are a few things to also keep in mind before you embark on your wedding adventure

  1. The breakdown services: Yes, you need to be prepared for any unwanted circumstances for any unforeseen events such car breakdown, an electric short circuit and other such bloopers. While everyone hopes and prays that you do not need any of these services but it never hurts to be prepared for that slight glitch during your party mode so that you can handle it more efficiently.
  1. Weather services: While there is no controlling any unexpected downpour from up above the heavens, when you are in your own city you are better aware of the turns weather may take during a particular time of the year. In a new place you may get caught unaware with a sudden dust storm or a chilly breeze. So it is best to read up about any unexpected climatic conditions prevalent in the place. What is also important is to know of the emergency weather services. Will your rented place provide a canopy if it rains? Will there be an indoor area in an event of a sudden storm? Ask about these things because a prepared man is always a wise man.
  1. Nighttime rules: Some cities may have their rulings or culture for late night noise during parties. Its better to know about them. After all you don't want a resident welfare association calling the cops just because the party in the resort verandah you hired continued till late in the night. Be mindful of both the legalities as well as the community issues.
  1. Security wise: It is also best to know the security arrangements of a certain city before you decide to let your hair loose in a new place. Will it be really wise to book that country home away from the main city just because its surrounded by scenic beauty without knowing if it is safe to venture away from the city after dawn. Its best to get local advise on matters such as these.

The transportation: Your guests will only thank you if you take care of transportation for their transfers to and from the destination and also if possible arrange for their bit of sight seeing and shopping. It may be as much as of a hassle for them as for you to discover ways to reach from one point to another in a new city. Having a vehicle handy to move around will help them enjoy their trip to the hilt.

Dec. 12, 2017, 5:36 a.m.