The lights in your wedding hall

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A couple of years ago, a friend organized a pre-wedding function in a wedding hall not very far from his home. The function was supposed to take place during the night and our friend had made many customary rounds to the place in advance to see the place. However, on the day of the event he was in for a rude shock when he reached the venue only to realise that the lights at the hall were too dim and too dull. Not only the meager nights that resembled more like night bulbs were less than sufficient to help the guests from locating one dish to another it also lent the place a very morose look. The friend had made one cardinal mistake - that of checking out the venue during the day when the function was meant to be during nighttime. It's a thought that normally does nit cross our minds but looking at our friend's experience we are convinced that it is extremely important to have a look at your venue during the time of the scheduled function. So, next time before you book the spot do make a round preferably at the time you want your function but also when an event is in action at the place to get the real look and feel. This apart, there are additional few things when it comes to lightening that we would want to suggest to take note of.

Day lights or night lights:

Depending on the type of function it is you may want to choose white lights or yellow lights; so make sure what sort of fixtures the place has. For instance if it is mehendi night you may want more clear lightening to get those designs right on your hands but for a dance night even a yellow lightening will work just fine.

Additional decor lights:

In most of the cases if you need some decorative lights on the hallway or on the trees and plants at the entrance you need to ask for it. The place may not necessarily include it within the package. It's a goo idea to ask what sort of lightening the place will provide if any apart from the fixtures.

Dance floor nights:

If you are having a party where you and your friends will end up shaking a leg or two then it makes sense to enquire if the place provides any disco lights. If they have the facility of projectors or dance floor spotlights then it is ideal that these come up just as you all are ready to hit the dance floor. Also some places use coloured bulbs as decorative nights and many people are not comfortable with those constantly flickering lights. It is also a good idea to have a look at the sort of lights the place provides and if you would want for any custom changes then it is best to let the place know in advance and save yourself the trouble.

Dec. 27, 2017, 5:01 a.m.