The Right Etiquette to Send Invites

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Have you ever organized a party, sent across invites but still wondered why on the D-day some of your guests didn't turn up? It can be a host's worst nightmare to have their invitees skipping the event. After all the party is organized for the guests and they remain the highlight of any party along with the reason the party is thrown for. However as some party planners would tell you that as there is a right etiquette to organize a party, how you send across your invites goes a long way in making your guests prioritize your party as one of the events they will make sure to attend. Here are some of the common pointers you may want to consider while sending out your invites.

  1. Its not essential that you have to go for printed cards if its casual party. However if it's a wedding, a birthday or any other once in a lifetime occasion you may want to get the special invites. Though special invites do not essentially mean that you have to go the old-fashioned route only and print invites. An email invite does just the task. But what is important is that you try and inform your guests at least 1 week or more in advance so that they can schedule the event in their calendar. Not giving enough time to guests often leads to clashing with some of their earlier engagements and even if they want to re schedule their priorities you need to at least give them time to do the same.
  2. Following up after the initial email or invite is sent is always a good idea. It not only makes your guests feel important and welcome it also gives you an idea on if there are any likely non-attendance. If they are still unsure about their availability, ensure them that it will be wonderful if they can manage without upsetting any important events they may have and politely ask them to RSVP
  3. If you are sending a physical invite and it is an event as big as wedding or even a first birthday, you may want to include some sweets or savories just as a gesture. However this totally depends on your budget and do not feel pressurized to absolutely include something. Many people save all the hospitality for the main event and that's also all right.
  4. While sending invites address it with the invitees names. If you know the names of their family members and are inviting them too, it is always a good idea to name them on the invite too. This small gesture adds a personal touch and we guarantee that your guests would feel more than happy to be a part of celebrations where each one of them is made to feel important.
  5. If you can then send a small looking forward to see you note via a text message just a day or two before the event to remind them just in time to the party.
Sept. 5, 2017, 5:40 a.m.