The Right Etiquette To Gifting Money

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While in the western world a gift registry for a wedding is a done thing, here in our part of the world when it comes to wedding gifts, things are often left at the discretion and willingness of the guest on what they would like to bring along.

To make matters practical and perhaps also to save the guests from wracking their brains thinking what gift would be best appreciate by the bride and the groom, culturally we came up with the solution of gifting cash. And while we may have heard of less than appreciated box gifts often a cash option works well for both parties. The bride and the groom get to buy a gift they would like with the money or well would want to save or use towards a common expenditure such as a holiday. However if you thought just by passing on the bucks, well literally in this case you job as a guest is done then well may be you could think again. Just as the other gifts, there are certain etiquettes required to be followed while giving cash as gift. Wondering what it could be? Then read below

  1. Say it with flowers: So you think just by handing over an envelope of cash does the job? Well, if your intention is to be more than nice then may be no. Adding a small bouquet of flowers shows that you appreciate the couples invite. Just passing on the envelope may seem like a hurried attempt to get yourself off the trouble of thinking and spending too much on the gift.
  2. The packaging: And well while we are in no way suggesting that you need to gift wrap all your individual currencies but pay attention to the envelope. A while envelope is only meant for official usage and brown plain one for postal services, courier etc. Do not act like a lazy bum who did not even care about going to the gift shop to buy a decent envelope. It's important because just as it is improper to gift a boxed item in its original packing, handing over currency in a less than occasion specific envelope entails to wrong etiquette.
  3. Write a note: Do not be in a hurry and scribble those precious two words mentioning the name of who the gift is from. Instead write a personalized note. Always mention the name of both the bride and the groom on the envelope. If you are close then you can write a short letter congratulating the couple and also may be sharing a small anecdote that will make this gift a little more personal and special for them.
  4. The Amount: While it largely depends on your relationship with the couple always keep in mind that the amount should not be too less to even buy a decent gift. The whole idea of substituting cash as gift is that the couple gets to choose something of their own choice and the amount should justify that.
Nov. 29, 2017, 5:21 a.m.