The Perfect Wedding Feast

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Let's admit it. In a big, fat sub continental wedding, it's the food that plays as much of an important part for guests as the wedding dress does for the bride.

Amusingly during most wedding preparations it is the food that forms the focus of all preparations. And, well, rightly so, when more than half of our guests really care only about the feast at the wedding. So to plan a menu is almost like a battle half won for most wedding hosts. Here are few things to keep in mind, while you are planning the feast for that big, fat Indian wedding.

Starters and a lot of them: So, it is the starters that set the tone for the things to come during a typical Indian wedding. Always try and include a lot of variety in the starters as most guests will start forming opinions about the food looking at the appetizers, it is a good idea to give them more reasons than one to be on a foodie high. The trick is that you can skip one or two dishes in the main course. Trust us, no one will notice that when they have bellies full with a generous sampling of appetizers.

The mocktails: There is absolutely no reason to go overboard adding variety to this section. Most people stick to their favourite drinks with meals and do not want to kill their appetite on a rose flavoured sherbet or a lime margarita. Just focus on a few basics. May be a lemonade, a soda fizz and a fresh juice for the health conscious and you are sorted.

Do not mix the cuisines: While the caterer would try to sell of everything from their specialty pasta to the chana bhatura. You have to choose wisely when finalizing the menu. Do you think pizza and raj kachori gel together? Well, no. So why have them. Instead look for complementary options such noodles and Manchurian or besan chilla and gol gappas. Do not create a culinary mish mash to avoid food wastage.

But make a considerate menu: While it is definitely a tough task to tailor make the menu for your long list of guests, it is still a good idea to include a few variations in the dishes that could possibly suit everyone. A few kids’ friendly options would make the families with kids happy while a few easy to chew dishes will be a considerate idea to include for the older guests. Also a few salads for those who may be staying away from greasy, heavy stuff are heaven sent so include them in your menu.

The desserts: The best idea to round off a great meal is a sumptuous dessert. But remember that by the time the guests reach the dessert after sampling a plethora of dishes they are more or less full and the dessert is just a way to finish the meal. Always serve small portions of desserts and include a maximum of three different varieties. Any more and you are going to end up with leftovers.

Oct. 17, 2017, 5:47 a.m.