The Most Wow-Worthy Weddings

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Marriages not just in India but also around the world are as much an auspicious affair as it is a spectacle. From the place you choose as your venue to the dress you wear, rest assured all of these things are scrutinized by hundreds of pairs of eyes. Some in wonder, others in awe and many in admiration remember your occasion for reasons that stood out.

We speak to a few real men and women on what are some of the most memorable weddings they attended and why the occasion stood out for them in their memories

Nalika Saran: A fashion gala wedding

I once attended a wedding ceremony of a fashion model who was bidding adieu to her fashion career post marriage to settle abroad. As a last ode to her career, she created a fashion show theme right inside her wedding hall. So there was a fashion runway where the bride walked across and the groom received here as a model and slipped a ring on her. The garland ceremony was held on a make-believe fashion ramp. It was super impressive.

Meenakshi Paul: A desert wedding

My friend was from Rajasthan and for her wedding, she flew us all to Rajasthan. The ceremony was not held in a traditional haveli but in a desert space with makeshift tents built for food and refreshments. There was a camel ride for the guests and it was like a mini touristy holiday for all the guests.

Akash Arora: An English Wedding

My friend got married to an English girl whose entire family from Britain chose to be a part of the celebrations all the way in Delhi. To make them feel at home and give his desi guests a novel experience. He turned his wedding hall into an English style wedding chapel. There were scones, high teas, and clotted cream but the music in the background was India. It was a great fusion.

Neelam Sen: A simple reception

My cousin ditched all the traditional fanfare and opted for a small wedding. He booked a small hall with no fancy decor but a very homely feel. The feast was pure Bengali and we were all dressed in our simple but traditional wear. There were no excesses but just a happy feeling of having the closest people around for his special day. The wedding is memorable because of its simplicity.

Kush Marwah: A bikers wedding

My buddy is a motorbike enthusiast and is a collector of antique automobiles. He booked his wedding in a hall that had a charming front lawn and on the porch alongside the lawn he displayed all his prized possessions. It was an immediate topic of discussion amongst all his guests. Besides the decor reflected his true style. Sometimes just a little creative thought can go a long way in turning your wedding from a regular affair to a memorable one. I will remember this for a long time to come surely.

May 21, 2018, 11:20 a.m.