The Most Unique Wedding Venues We Have Seen

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A hall, a banquet or a backyard-one can make the most of each of these spaces as a wedding venue with the right aesthete however there are some people who continue to score over others just by their out of the box thinking.

Here are some of the most unique wedding venues that we have seen. Need we say, everything from the idea to the execution was gorgeous with a capital G.

A museum:

A wedding in the museum sounds like every art lovers dream. However it is not always easy to score a place and manage to hold a ceremony there. But in case you have an artist friend or know an art gallery owner you can talk to them about lending you the place. Imagine a wedding space, which needs no extra decor because every space holds a magnificent mural, painting or a sculpture. However the idea will hardly work for a large gathering, as one needs to be mindful of the expensive artifacts to display.

A public park:

This can be a breezy affair but again valid if you are holding a smaller party. Jus make it a sort of picnic experience where you gather together to celebrate with basketfuls of food and fresh fruits to celebrate the union in the most charming manner.

A conservatory:

If you are a true blue lover of spaces and the stories behind them you may want to consider a conservatory. As long as it is legal in your area and your promise to be mindful of the regulations involved we bet each of your guests would love to be a part of this more than a unique experience.

A homestay:

And why not? Just book a quaint homestay where you may even want to stay back for your honeymoon. A little homestay will give all the necessary elements required for a countryside wedding. A home-style food will be like an icing on the top. If you can arrange for it you can even offer your closer group of friends to stay back with you for a day and enjoy a destination wedding on a budget.

Your ancestral home:

If you have a family home that is big enough to accommodate your guests then purely for nostalgia value this can be the most amazing venue ever. Think of all the lovely times you may have spent their growing up or the memories your parents or grandparents may have made there. There is nothing special than starting a fresh lease of your life from a place where it all may have started.

A library:

If you ask around in your city many libraries may offer to lend their space during their non-office hours. Can there be anything more romantic than getting married amongst tomes of impressive woks about love, life and longing.

As a special effect, you can ask to say your vows in the section that stocks romance poetry. Trust us the guests will be floored by your immaculate planning.

Dec. 6, 2017, 4:49 a.m.