The Best Party I Ever Attended

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There is something inherently special about been invited to a party. After all you get to dress your best, eat the sumptuous food and mingle with other guests - all at the expense of someone else. But still there are some parties that retain that special soft spot over others for years to come. We rounded up some people to share with us what is the best party they have ever attended and what made them that special. Read on to pick clues on what is it that you need to incorporate in the next soiree you are planning.

Rajul Bose, 26, Illustrator:

I was once invited to a bachelorettes bash of my best friends sister. It was a night of reckless energies where we danced and drank like there was no tomorrow. But even before the thought of waking up the next morning with massive hangovers could cross over minds, the host sisters sweetly handed over hangover kits as a parting touch. This was truly imaginative and incredible.

Nisha Saran, 34, Interior Decorator:

I attended the wedding ceremony of a close friend and since we were very close I chose to stay back till the pheras and bidai process. Now Indian marriages can be hellishly long and one can get easily bored but I guess what kept the momentum going for most guests was that the host family had arranged for small nibbles to be served every hour while the wedding ceremony was on. The comfort of munching on piping hot pyaaz pakodas as the chants were sounded repetitively made it more memorable for all of us.

Kajal Basu, 40, Teacher:

I once attended a birthday party of a colleague's toddler and I was bowled over that everything was thoughtful but very simple. The mom baked a red velvet cake for her boy instead of getting a market made cake. The fact that she baked most things at home was also because her son's best friend was wheat intolerant so she tried to custom make everything keeping his allergies in mind while the little boy also does not feel alienated eating food different from the others really touched my soul. It is hands down the best party I have ever attended.

Jay Sharma, 38, Advertising professional:

A colleague was undergoing a rehab program to let go of his alcohol addiction. He was as part of the program avoiding any parties or social meetings to avoid being faced with a situation where he was tempted to go back to his addiction. A friend of this colleague threw a party celebrating the success of his completing the program mid way through and invited all his friends. There was just one rule to the party - no alcohol and no talks of any addictions. It was not only fun to see everyone enjoying the purity of food and conversations but the thought behind the gesture to show our recovering friend that everyone is n solidarity with him was what made the party more memorable.

Sept. 19, 2017, 5:18 a.m.