The Best Party Favour Ideas

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Recently a friend of ours attended a colleagues wedding reception and described the ceremony and arrangement as the best she had ever seen. Curious, when we asked her, was it the catering or the decor that it made it so marvelous, she said that while all of those things were decent enough, what made the event memorable was that the bride and the groom chose to gift back every guest a memento specially curated for them. The fact that amidst the frenzy of organizing a wedding party they took time to take a leaf out of each of our lives and design a token favour gift was so thoughtful that it brought tears to our friends eyes. So while her little bedside time piece with a picture of her new born is our friends new found prize possession at her home, the whole idea of how adding a personal touch can make all the difference did leave a lasting thought in the mind. So inspired by this lovely couple we give you a few ideas on the party favours to give away at your next party. Trust us, your guests will have a little more than just the food they had to discuss when they go back home from your party.

Create a special keychain:

How about gifting your guests a keychain with their initials printed on them? Even better idea would be to have their favourite picture printed on it. Their pet cat, their new born baby a picture from the last holiday they took - any of these things will immediately up the quotient of your gift and make it the loveliest token to take back.

Organize a special ceremony:

Did any of your friends just got married or anyone had a job promotion. How about remembering these important milestones and just raising a little toast for them. The fact that you remembered and made it a point to celebrate the occasion will make them feel important and happy.

Think about their interests and hobbies:

While this may mean taking a little more time from your wedding planning but its still worth the effort. When you make guest list just enter the interests or passions of your friends in an excel file for your reference. For give away gifts pick items that match their interests. Its not essential to buy expensive gifts but just a little token that matches their interest is something that will put more than a smile on their face. A pair of gardening gloves for your gardening enthusiast friend, a pizza cutter for the chef, cupcake moulds for the baker and painting brushes for the artist. These are all small things but come with a huge message that how much you care and appreciate their presence in your lives.

Address each gift with names:

A common practice while giving away gifts is that the hosts just wrap the gifts without any nametags. After all most gifts are identical and placing nametags onto each one of them would be an added chore? Well no, even though the gifts may be alike the least you can do is to add each of their names to make them feel important and not just hand over a packet that obviously says it was ordered in bulk.

Oct. 10, 2017, 4:55 a.m.