The Best Kiddie Parties

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Organizing a kid's birthday party these days has become a task that requires you to prove your creativity. With everything from unusual theme parties to genius kid's menu today organizing a run-on-the-mill cake and chips party like we had during our childhood can sound as boring as beans on bread had every single day for breakfast. So what's a parent got to do? Wrack your brain for out-of-the-box ideas that wouldn't occur no matter how hard you try? Call for an expensive party planner who thinks that you slogged all year long just to organize this one birthday party? Or better simply take inspiration from other parties and just duplicate some great ideas unabashedly. Since the wise men say that there's nothing that's original in this world any way, what's the harm in borrowing an idea you may have heard a friend's friend or a distant relative incorporate at their party? And now if you are thinking hard to recall any genius party idea you may have heard of in recent times and sulking for such lack of creativity amongst your friends and relatives then relax, we got help at hand. We asked some real moms to share with us some of the most interesting birthday parties they ever attended. Read on for some real cool ideas and don't think twice before picking up the one you like for your next kiddie birthday party.

Manjula Dayal, 45, Teacher:

One of my student's mothers organized a Cinderella theme party for her 9 year old. And it was not your usual Cinderella cake and décor party but she paid real attention to details. Every girl was given a crown and a sash to wear when she entered and all the little guys were given a bow tie to wear and feel like little princes. She had a huge projector screen where the story of Cinderella was retold and she also asked little kids to come and relate their favorite fairytale character and why they love them. It was great to see kids participate in an impromptu session of speaking in front of audience while thinking they are all play-acting. It was a thoughtful way of teaching kids while playing.

Nimi Ghai, 36, Counsellor:

My friend once organized a caterpillar theme party because her son's favourite book was a very Hungry Caterpillar. There was a lot of health food on menu and she told the kids that the caterpillar liked to eat well and eat healthy to turn into a colourful butterfly encouraging kids to eat well at the party. There were also storytellers who were relating the story to kids and the return favour was a couple of storybooks. It turned out to be a good way to inculcate reading habits in the kids as my twins began reading the story books they got from there every night before bed time. I would anyway appreciate a party like this one than the one where kids are called for a movie or cartoon watching.

Sept. 6, 2017, 4:57 a.m.