The Best Honeymoon Spots Near Bangalore

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While for most wedding guests the excitement around a wedding ends soon as the ceremony is over. But for the newlywed couple, the journey just begins. A well-planned honeymoon is often a great way to start this new phase of life. So in case, you are sapped of ideas on where to go post the wedding, here are some places for those couples who are based in and around Bangalore.

Varkala, Kerela
Which new couple doesn't want a scenic place that is a go-to destination but also guarantees a bit of privacy? Varkala in Kerela stands tall as one such destination.
Whether it is boating at the Kappil Lake or a stroll at several smaller beaches the place gives you romantic vibes. The numerous shacks dotted across the beaches are fitting to have some romantic conversation by the sea.

Allepey, Kerela
Yes, the backwaters and their charm. There is perhaps no one who can argue against the romantic backdrop this place offers. For a once in a lifetime experience opt for one of those luxury houseboats. For adventure enthusiasts, there are sports such as kayaking and man more to indulge in and for those who prefer a leisurely stroll, there is nothing to beat the view of Marari beach.

Rishikonda, Vizag
This is one of those exotic yet little knows secrets of South India. The lush greenery faces the mountains and gives you a perfect backdrop for those honeymoon pictures. A little away from Vizag it is like your very own private retreat.

Nandi Hills
A little more than 50 km from Bangalore this gem of a place has a distinct country charm. For the lovers of serene life there are quaint cottages and for those who like exploring the historic side, there are Chola temples. The food is delicious and the place is your very own private spot away from the madding crowds.

It is one of the most obvious destinations to go to near Bangalore. With its rich historic past, it gives you the options of choosing many adventures. Whether you want to discover temples together or would want to go on a nature patrol this place gives your plentiful options. There is a bird sanctuary called Ranganthittu plus a national park known as Bandipur besides those lovely locales such as lakes where the honeymooning couples love to go.

About 250 km from Bangalore, Chikmagalur is known for its coffee plantations. There are beautiful green spots besides Bhadra wildlife sanctity for nature lovers. There are also historic temples to visit besides the overall city is so scenic that you would love to discover its many layers together.

Home to Kadambi waterfalls, Kudremukh is a green paradise. Its lush green mountains make it an ideal spot for a bit of rest and restoration. For a honeymooning couple, this can be an ideal destination to relax. So head to Kudremukh and give a new phase a wonderful and extremely charming start.

May 17, 2018, 5:39 a.m.