Surviving Indian Weddings

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It won't be an exaggeration to describe a big, fat, Indian wedding as an amazing roller coaster. If you are attending a ceremony that lasts days on end, is celebrated with multiple functions and continues till the wee hours of the night then rest assured you need an extra dose of energy to survive and enjoy the madness and thrill. So whether you are a host, a guest or the bride or the groom all set to go on the altar here are a few tips that would work for all in an Indian wedding party.

  1. Make time for a nap: If you are closely related to those getting married or are the one getting married yourself then rest assured you will have many sleepless nights. With the relatives and friends pouring in and celebrations continuing it is just considered normal in Indian households preparing for an impending shaadi. The idea to ensure that you do not feel stressed or dizzy owing to your lack of sleeping is to catch as much sleep you can during the time when the celebrations are at a halt. Have just thirty minutes free, during the day? Trust us take a power nap. Scientific researches prove that a short, power nap a few times a day actually makes you feel recharged.
  2. Set a time table: Amongst the hurly burly of activities it seems rather unlikely that you can set a schedule for anything but try and work around the activities. You could try setting a limit to your late night rituals. Ensure that you get a 7-8 hours of sleep if you do not want to end up with puffy eyes and dark circles on your big day.
  3. Munch, munch, munch: Keep your appetite going. Amongst those greasy snacks and drinks you may end up unsettling your entire healthy eating ritual you followed for so many months. Keep some fruits, cucumbers, beets and carrots cut and handy to munch on every time you remember. For every glass of soda that you have replace it with two glasses of water. Sip on coconut water several times a day. Remember if you are well nourished you can withstand the extra toll that celebrations take on your body much better. Also despite the many temptations stick to a healthy regimen. If you have been having eggs and cereals for breakfast, stick to it. Just because you may have a cook serving parathas or samosas for the wedding party does not mean you need to break your routine. Its better to play some restraint.

Start the celebrations early: if you have many evening functions lined up before the actual d day then try scheduling your functions a bit early. Start just after the dusk. This is a cheat trick to try and wrap up the evening early. By the time midnight approaches your guests would be tired already and it's unlikely that the celebration marathon will go on till the early hours of morning.

Oct. 31, 2017, 5:50 a.m.