Stunning Wedding Day Ideas

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Who says that all weddings need to look alike and have to follow the same set of routines? If you are the one who likes to make their own style statement then here are a few ultraluxe, ultra lovely ideas for your wedding day.

Customized Cutlery: If you are arranging for a sit-down dinner for your reception creating customized cutlery for your guests can be the most beautiful idea ever. This will not only impress your guests but will also make it easy for you to pre-decide the seating arrangement. So no more warring aunts of the family need to find themselves in a situation where they have to share tables. You can plan in advance and create a seating plan with plates that bear the persons full name or initials.

A lounge Area: Weddings are tiring affairs, not just for you but also for the guests. Amidst all the dancing and socializing one may need to find time to put their feet up and relax for a bit. Somewhere in the wedding area, it may be a good idea to create a lounge area with lots of cushions, a comfy sofa, and a drinks table. Your guests will thank you for your thoughtfulness.

Guest Rides: Okay this is a bit offbeat and needs to be planned but if your space permits then you can bring the guests from a receiving area to the main wedding area in a nothing less than a hot air balloon. Talk about royal treatments!

Welcome Bags: Treat your guests with a special treatment by setting up a table with customized bags written with their names on it. It can create a few munchies, a tea or coffee pod bags or even a miniature ittar bottle.

Usher Services: Create a personalized usher service for your guests. Hire a few people who could hold placards with the names of the guests and bring them to be seated at their designated places.

The Best Couple Prizes: Yes, you are a couple of the moment but let your guests also feel special by creating couple prizes for them. A little token gift for the best-dressed couple, the best dancing couple and the couple with the best photo of the evening may be a great thing to initiate.

 A Floral Farewell: On every car parked in the wedding area get a little floral arrangement done while the guests are dining. When they discover the special treatment meted out to them they will love it.

A Child Care Facility: Hiring a few nannies to help the couples with small kids may come very handy. They can enjoy the celebrations while their kids are kept entertained. We doubt that if there will be a couple that will ask for more.

A Photo Booth: If you can then depute a photographer to take instant photos of your guests and keep putting them up on a wall as they arrive. Who will not love to spot their photos on the wedding board?

June 11, 2018, 5:48 a.m.