Some Wedding Gift Ideas That Can Last A Lifetime

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So its your best friend who's tying the knot and amongst the flurry of activities and pressures of being a bridesmaid/best man you have barely been able to think of that perfect present to give to your bestie? Well, wedding gifts can be sometimes challenging to think, after all what is it that one thing that your friend would cherish and would serve as an important reminder to him/her about the thought that you have invested in their wedding? Instead of picking up something random last minute we have got help at hand to offer you. How about gifting something that lasts longer than the smile one gets after opening the wrapping? If planned well, there are certain gifts that have the potential to remind your friend on a frequent, even daily basis about the love you feel for them. Curious? Here are a few sure shot hit ideas to try for you

A fruit plant:

Yes you heard it right. If your friend is fond of gardening and has some place to plant a tree gifting a fruit tree sapling in a big pot so that it can grow there is indeed a good idea. Imagine your friend will be reaping the fruits of your lovely gifts for years to come. Think of a fruit that has better chances of surviving in your climate-apple, guava, fig or mango. You can also go for a lavender or hibiscus flower plants instead. Accompanying it with a small gardening kit or some garden gnomes to help them set up their first garden together is indeed a thoughtful idea.

A subscription kit:

Imagine a gift arriving on your friend's doorstep every month rather than just once when you give her. You can buy your friend a subscription to a service she will enjoy. A beauty box, a book kit that arrives with a bestseller every month, a perfume sample kit or well even a cupcake subscription box -- Today you can choose a subscription box for almost everything possible on earth and there’s no better way of saying you love them by reminding them with a token every month for six months or an year.

A salon coupon:

Who doesn't dream of a day of doing nothing but relaxing in a salon chair while getting a leisurely pedicure and manicure or a heavenly hair spa. How about you get a local salon membership and book your friend for one service every month for six months. The bonus - the service remains a surprise for your friend. They only get to know what they are getting once they arrive in the salon. From a trim to hair streaking job to a relaxing massage excite them with one guess-me-if-you-can treat coming their way every month. Your friend will thank you for this super gesture

A magazine subscription:

That's an old formula but works very well. Especially if your friend is moving into a new home and they are setting the house as couple get them a home decor magazine subscription for timely ideas.

Jan. 19, 2018, 12:19 p.m.