Some Sure Fire Ways To Save Money On Weddings

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A wedding is a wonderful time for the two of you to plan exciting things together. But it is also a time when you have to carefully weigh in the expenditures involved. After all no one wants to walk out of the wedding venue as paupers, so why not plan cleverly and cut the expenses wherever it is absolutely possible to do so.

Here are a few areas that you could definitely pull the brakes on before going all out and blowing your budget

Ask for help:

If you close friends want to know from you what gifts you would prefer for your wedding then let them know they can skip the gifts and offer to help you instead. So your photographer friend can be the official photo guy for the ceremony with an extra cost. You interior decorator friend can oversee the decor and your stylist friend can offer her expertise on your trousseau. This way not only will you be involving your guests into your wedding preparations but you will also be saving tons of money.

Make your own invitations:

E-invitations can be your best bet. You can design your own e-invite or ask your graphic designer friend to craft one for you. Can you even imagine how much paper and money will you be saving just by deciding to go paperless for your invitations? As a bonus your guests can have your invite handy with them on their phones when they are looking for directions to reach the venue.

Hire a gifted cook:

Instead of a fancy catering service to cook your wedding feast you can trust a local good cook if you know of any. The idea for any meal to be appreciated is that it is sumptuous and made with quality ingredients. You can take care of both these elements without blowing up your cash in a fancy service.

Look for a modest venue:

If you are having a small ceremony how about ask your friends if they would like to lend out their farmhouse or a backyard space. You can even offer to pay them a little towards it if they do not commercially lend it out. If they are still gracious enough to let you have the space without any cost try and return their favour by may be getting their garden spruced up for spring or by getting a few garden decorations installed for them. They will remember your gesture.

Go slow on candles or flowers:

You can't even imagine how the costs shoot up even before you realise. An extra candle on every round table can be done without so can be the extra orchids in the floral decor. Trust us no one will ever notice if each table had one candle or two or if the rose in the bouquet were less than a dozen. These are places you can most readily penny pinch because it really does not matter. As long as your decor is tasteful, excesses can be done without.

Dec. 4, 2017, 4:48 a.m.