Some Fun Cake Ideas to Try at Home

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A cake at a birthday party is what a bride's dress is to a marriage party. Both of these not only draw the maximum curiosity but can also make or break the mood of the entire party. But if you are planning your kid's birthday party and think that the only way you can have a cake that is a centerpiece and wins wows from the guests is to order it from the specialty gourmet bakery in town, then you may be wrong. A good cake is mostly about decorations just as a good salad is about the exact dressing. So in case you are a decent baker you already have half the battle won but even if you aren’t we suggest buying a plain simple cake in your favourite flavor from a good bakery and doing it up on your own for that magical cake from the heaven moment. Not only will you feel like a super star conjuring this little magic but it will also save you a lot of money.

Here are some ideas to start with:

Marshmallow party:

Buy a big bag of marshmallows from the supermarket. These are one of the thriftiest little secret weapons to turn a plain jane cake into a voila what a super cake. Order a simple pineapple cake and take a bunch of coloured marshmallows. Top your cake with marshmallows in concentric patterns. While this does most of the job on its own but we suggest taking a small ketchup tube and filling t with a chocolate sauce. If you have Hershey's jar handy that should do the trick. Make small patterns on each marshmallow – a star, a dot, a flower whatever you are easy at drawing and you have no less than a designer cake.

Fruit loop:

Just take out all the fruits from your fridge and get a plain sponge vanilla cake. Now chop strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, mangoes, chikoos, kiwis and start topping your cake with fruits alternating with each other. For the centre piece you can even craft a flower out of a mango slice or use small cookie cutters to get a star shape. You have your own fruitcake for a fraction of a price.

Nut result:

Order a plain chocolate cake and dress it up with the nuts from your kitchen cabinet. Take almonds and dry roast them for a nutty, crackling experience. Next slit them into halves and start decorating the rim of the cake with the nuts. Take hazel nuts next and do up two rows with hazelnuts followed by almond again. You have your very own almond hazel nut chocolate cake that looks straight from a designer cake shop.

Macaron medley:

Get simple red velvet cake and buy some macarons from the bakery. Get a few baking garnishes like sprinkles and stars and start plcing macarons in a pattern on the cake. You could create a macaron mountain in the center and sprinkles can dot the surface of the cake for that authentic French cake lookalike.

Aug. 31, 2017, 5:03 a.m.