Secret Ways to Penny Pinch While Organizing a Party

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There can be no doubt that there are a few moments worth celebrating in life with such ardour that it does not matter how much you are spending. But in the practical world it becomes important to also keep some tab on the amount spent. While it's not wise to hold back where it's essential to spend, splurging on things that can easily be avoided is a fool's way of partying. So next time when you have a party to plan on hand just give a small thought to expenditures to avoid unnecessary bad debt. Because remember while an indulgence is appreciated an excess is seen as unsavoury.

Begin with the food menu:

Who doesn't want a menu fit for a king to let their guests feel special?But if you were to look carefully at these specially crafted menu you would realise that many frills and fancies just go unnoticed and unconsumed. If you can do with three varieties of salad there is almost no need to have an extra variety in the menu. No one can consume or appreciate the tastes when the choices become overwhelming. Just consider it like this , strike off one item each from appetizers, entree and desserts. It will be a lot of money and food saved and trust us your guests wont even notice.

Not exotic but original:

The biggest dent to our wallets happens when we try to add exotic details to the party even when the original may do a better task. There is absolutely no need to order those rare tuberoses for the decor. Instead insist on creative representation of locally available flowers. It’s the presentation that makes the difference not the fact that the blooms travelled hundreds of miles to find a place on your party decor.

The best men fineries:

Often during weddings the grooms side of the family wears the customary turban in shades of pink, now understand that this turban may have to be worn only once and while a few may keep it as a memento most wont even care where the turban went after the party is over. Should you then order the finest of silk for it or should you just do with a decent fabric that's presentable enough for the occasion? However do not apply the same trick when it comes to bridesmaid dresses, as there is a difference between a dress someone wears and an accessory. Also most bridesmaid keep their dresses as trophies and you wont want to make them wear something sub standard.

The lights and fireworks:

If you are planning to get some lights installed go a little slow and do away with a few fairy lights. As for fireworks do not start till all your guests have arrived so that everyone notices your efforts and you don't have to continue for long hours. Also instead of multicoloured sky shower crackers go for ones in solid gold or silver. Almost the same effect but definitely less cost.

Sept. 1, 2017, 5:24 a.m.