Say it With Flowers

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When reality TV star Kim Kardashian got married to Kanye West, amongst other extravagant details what stood out and started a wedding trend to follow was the stunning floral wall that the couple created. The coll made euple had an entirely of exotic white flowers to serve as a backdrop for all their pictures. And well, we all may not have the budget to indulge in excesses as celebrities do, what we can do is take inspirations to create our very own hacks to cop the look for less. So to make your wedding venue like a slice of heaven, do not just rely on the cookie-cutter floral decor ideas your florist may suggest you. Instead, add a bit of your own imagination and save some bucks while you say it with flowers on your wedding day.

Flora at the venue:

One of the expensive things that add to your budget for your wedding venue decor remains the flower decoration. The florist often has some preset patterns and designs to display and may suggest you exotic flowers such as orchids and lilies to add that eclat. But with a little creativity, you can actually save some serious money. Instead of getting swayed by flowers flown in from outside ask him/her to create the same pattern using locally grown seasonal flowers. Not only will they be cheaper but will lend a feel of the city and time of the year to your wedding venue. What a delicious memory to keep!

Bring me a flower:

The numerous table decorations often take up a great portion of the cost. Instead of expensive vases, just look around your house and pull out all the mason jars, marmalade bottles even glass mil bottles and consider using them on the table with a bud or two. You could even ask a few friends to lend you few empty jars that can go as your centerpieces. If you have a few creative friends how about asking them to make you a small floral decoration using jars from their kitchen and their personal garden flowers. The asymmetry of various arrangements you may end up getting will add to the appeal.

Less is more:

The number of flowers used in the decoration can be more than you can estimate and well the same goes for the costing. But with a little cheat trick, you can lessen the number of flowers. In a flat-mouthed vase, use rose petals and fill it up with water. Floating petals will look as lovely as stemmed flower bunch and will lend a fragrant note. You can also use a few tall vases in the corners and on the entrance with leaves instead of flowers. Look for some interesting long stemmed trees and use your imagination to arrange the stems. You can also combine two three different types of leaves to create an arrangement. There is no need to buy the stems, all you need to do is tell the local maali to clip you a few twigs and stems.

July 18, 2017, 5:41 a.m.