Rehearse Your Party in Advance

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During these days of elaborate party planning, the idea of rehearsal of party dance performances seems like an obvious idea but there may be other areas that may require a rehearsal for flawless party experiences. Just read below and tick yes to the areas that are best rehearsed in advance but you hadn't thought of it. And yes, thank us later after you rock that party.

The Wedding dress:

Oh that one is obvious, isn't it? Which bride doesn’t try their wedding dress after they get it custom made? But we are not just talking about the dress rehearsal; we are talking about that bridal walk complete in the fineries to be practiced before the d-day. If you can manage to find your venue space empty and they are gracious enough to let you practice the walk for a few moments in your dress and those killer heels, I may turn out to be the best idea ever. The brides’ walk to the altar is one of the most awaited moments during a wedding and with all eyes fixed on you it may just be a bit comfortable to know the ground you got to be walking on.

The wedding feast:

Most wedding venues invite you to sample their catering once you book for your function. Always avail of it, as it will give you a fair idea of what the arrangements will look like. Also it may give you an idea on certain food items you want to get custom made according to your guest's food preferences.

The wedding dance:

Yes we know you have been staying up late and have been religiously following your dance instructors instructions but dancing on your home floor and dancing on venue stage are two different things. Do try and check out your moves on the actual platform where you would be performing. The wedding stages can sometimes be wobbly making your movements a little shaky experience so it’s best to be prepared. Also there's no great wisdom in practicing your moves barefoot when you would be dancing with your shoes on during the actual function.

The music:

Ask your DJ to play for you the music in the sequence you want. It's not uncommon that a dance party has been left dumbfounded with wrong music being played in the background, as the guests look amused. Being assured of the sequence would calm down the pre-performance jitters if any.

The RSVPs:

Often in Indian weddings people take the whole RSVP thing a little granted. So a week before the wedding its not a bad idea to call up your guests and know their participation. Not only will they appreciate your gesture you will also get to know of any cancellations and can rework any arrangements keeping the attendance in mind. Sometimes you may discover that the friend and his family won't be able to make it and at other times you may be confronted with a situation that a close friend has his family visiting who may join the party too.

Aug. 16, 2017, 4:51 a.m.