Reasons Why You Should Have An Outdoor Wedding

Wedding ceremonies are one of the most special events of our lives and we all want them to be memorable. People from all around the world celebrate wedding days with the best ways they can afford. It is also the turning point of two individuals' lives- the bride and the groom. A wedding ceremony is not only a source of joy, but it is also the culmination of all the love and affection present between two individuals and a promise of a new beginning. However, whenever we think about a wedding, the first thing that comes into the mind is a big convention hall where the program takes place. However, outdoor wedding venues can be an excellent option for those who wish to add a natural touch to their wedding programs. Usually, outdoor wedding venues are locations where wedding ceremonies take place under open sky with green landscape and enough space for the guests to roam around. Below mentioned are some of the main reasons why you should choose an outdoor wedding venue.

  • Open Sky It is a scientific fact that the blue light we receive from sky raises the oxytocin and dopamine in our brains, causing feelings of excitement and happiness. So, daylight has this natural festive effect on us which should be taken into account. Besides, nothing feels more natural than having all the loved ones gathered in an open green field on a warm, sunny day. The fresh air refreshes everyone's mind with fragrance of natural flowers. It sets such an amazing wedding theme that leaves a deeper impact on our minds than anything else.
  • Enough space One of the best reasons to select an outdoor wedding venue is that it can offer enormous space for the guests. It is always great to have a lot of space to roam around with the loved ones. Joy doubles in such places as it can be shared with many. Natural settings bring us back to our natural ways of sharing moments and happiness.
  • Free from mundane city experience Humans have evolved in nature to adapt in natural settings. But manmade cities confine us within concrete walls and steel windows. That's why, most city dwellers suffer from various forms of depression. Nature sets us free while city walls confine us. So, instead of choosing a regular convention hall for wedding, we can go for outdoor wedding spots for a unique and a more natural experience. This type of venue is superb for children as well. Parents with children love such places as the children can find enough space for playing with friends and cousins.
  • Lots of fresh flowers Weddings are incomplete without flowers. Most outdoor wedding settings come up with flower-based themes. This is the reason why such venues are so special. Being near the countryside, there is abundance of natural flowers available at such venues. So, for flower lovers, outdoor wedding venues are the right place to have special memories.
Nevertheless, every outdoor wedding venue in Bangalore is less expensive because it spends nothing for air conditioning and artificial lighting. It is an ideal place for any nature-loving couple.
Aug. 8, 2016, 7:02 p.m.
Team ShowMyHall