Personalize your Wedding Venue

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There is something inherently emotional about your wedding day. Even for the most practical souls, the thought of saying adieu to your maiden life for new beginnings can be one of the most sentimental moments. And well, in an ideal world what can be more nostalgic than saying your vows at the very same house you have spent your life in. But in the real world, considerations such as space constraints and large gatherings take over these whimsical thoughts. However even though you may not be tying the knot at your home where everything, from walls to the decor resonates with memories, you can still personalize your wedding venue. From thoughtful little additions to creating a memory tree here are some wonderful ways to make your wedding space your own.

Create a memorabilia corner

Let not your wedding party, be just another occasion for guests to come and dine, take them with you on this emotional journey. Ask your wedding decorator to create a corner where you can put little mementos that have defined your most landmark moments. That shirt that you wore for your high school graduation, your very first bridesmaid/best man dress, an insignia of the coffee shop/eatery that you used to frequent together with your fiance or any of those things that you would want your guests to know about you. Write little notes with each of those and what they meant for you at that stage in life. Your guests will automatically feel more engaged and you will have a happy memory for life.

From our home kitchen

After binge eating on all the gourmet delicacies of the world, one thing that you crave for is your home cooked food. Also, the most special way to treat someone is to serve them your house specialties. While a caterer would, of course, take care of the menu how about requesting them to create a little home specialty table. Your mom's signature deal that you love, your favorite comfort food, the pasta that you as a family love to relish on busy weekdays and the weekend feast that's a staple in your home kitchen. Serve the guests these little kitchen delights and they would definitely feel a bit more at home.

Do up a photo tree

While it's natural to feel emotional about your home and family, your marriage is also a day when you are a bundle of mush. How about creating a little love zone. Put up all the favorite photos of you two together in a tree in the order of sequence of how your relationship developed. The pictures of your first date together to the function you attended together or your best buddy's wedding celebrations. Bring in each other's birthday photos with captions on what you did for each other. You have a license to act romantic and before you start building up that wedding or honeymoon album, you will have these lovely pictures to create a memorable pre-wedding scrapbook.

July 17, 2017, 11:54 a.m.