Party Etiquette Guide

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Getting an invitation to someone's celebrations can be one of the sweetest gestures. And while there are hundred rules and reminders for the hosts on how to throw a party, it won't hurt if the guests were to also follow some party etiquette. Showing a little consideration towards your hosts would not only go on to show your appreciation to their efforts but also go on to make the party more memorable for everyone. Here are little tips and tricks that you can follow next time you are invited to a party.

Bring a small token along:

It's not about carrying an expensive gift along but a small token to say that you acknowledge the hosts’ efforts. A bunch of fresh lilies, a scented candles or a small picture frame, where the hosts’ can put up their picture from the party to make it an everlasting affair to remember. If the gathering is big you can also ask your hosts’ if you could bring along some drinks to ensure they are not burdened too much. If nothing else you can offer that you can bring a large pitcher of fruit juice to mix the mocktails in. The interest that you would show will convey to your hosts that you care.

Keep the time in mind:

And no it's not in the least fashionable to arrive late. Keep the timings in mind. Try arriving on time and not too early either, as your hosts may be busy preparing or setting up the house.  By landing up ahead of the time you may inconvenience them, though your intention may be to help them around. If you want to extend a helping hand its best to call up a day before and ask them if they would like you to come in earlier and help them around.

Don't leave the mess behind:

Often during a party we get so carried away that we forget that used cups and plates are lying all over the room. Long after you have gone home and hit the sack, your hosts will be still clearing up the space. So spare them some thought. Just take out five minutes before you leave and see what is it that you can help them with. Putting used cans and cups in the trash bag, storing leftovers in refrigerator, taking care to wipe any spills or stains will go a long way in ensuring your hosts that they are not the only ones to do all the slogging.

Keep moderation:

While its only thoughtful on your hosts part to offer you food and drinks to your hearts content, overdoing on food or drinks is a strict no-no. Do not lose control of your diets and practices while bingeing. While overeating may make you feel sick and spoil the mood of the party, an excess of drinks can be downright disturbing for all the other attendees too. Keep everything in moderation to make it an affair to remember. The better idea is to keep nibbling on little food through out the party instead of sitting down for a hearty meal that is always inevitably topped with more snacks and drinks.

Aug. 2, 2017, 4:42 a.m.