Party Bloopers to Avoid

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Everyone wants to be at his or her gracious best while hosting a party but sometimes regardless of how meticulously you plan everything bloopers may occur, leaving you a bit embarrassed in front of your guests. While there are no written in stones tricks to ensure that your planning will be seamless, often it is best to learn from other's mistakes. Here are a few bloopers as accounted by the ones who unfortunately suffered them. Read on for a hilarious account of what should not have happened but yes do take back a few hacks to avoid such pitfalls.

Maria G, Painter:

I threw a Halloween party last autumn for my friends and their family. As per the theme everyone dressed in black but I decided to enhance the effect by hanging skeletons from my ceiling to be suspended on top of the guests mid way through the dinner. The scary part was that some of the younger kids began crying, frightened at the suddenness of the act. My lesson - when you have kids in attendance it may be a good idea to announce your surprise beforehand so that they are not caught unaware.

Nimisha Nanda, Graphic designer:

I once decided to throw a cheeky themed party for my girlfriends. The dress code was 'dress provocatively'. While it was supposed to be an evening of harmless fun where my friends dressed as bunnies and wore frills, laces and garish make up just for effect. I was in for a shock when the matronly lady who's my next door neighbor came asking the next day on what was happening in my flat last night with people of dubious reputation coming as my guests. I tried my best to explain her my now 'not-so-genius' idea for a fun get-together but I am not sure if she felt convinced.

Parveen Gulati, Advertising professional:

I once arranged for a bar be cue night with my buddies and their families. While I knew all my friends were serious meat eaters I forgot to ask their wives’ preferences. Turned out two of the ladies were vegetarians and all we had on the menu was chicken patties and mutton tikkas. I was so stumped on what to offer them, when one of the ladies took things in her stride. She toured my pantry and found some paneer and pineapple that could be grilled. But if it wasn't for her I would have been totally clueless on what to serve.

Neha Verma, Social Worker:

I am often reprimanded by my best friends on how I take my plain jane looks too seriously and should sometimes dress up glamorously. One evening I threw a casual tea party for my friends and their spouses. I took special care and wore a custom made dress, got my hair done in a bouffant and got make up done. But when my friends arrived in a tees and jeans ended up looking like the odd one out. My tip - as a host do not overdress if iys casual party. You want to make your guests feel comfortable not under dressed for the occasion.

Aug. 11, 2017, 6:36 a.m.