Innovative Wedding Theme Ideas

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So you are getting married and you want your day to be a bit different from overwhelming and oh-so-predictable weddings dominated with reds and boring buffet spreads? While a wedding is hardly the time to go too blase with celebrations, introducing some innovative ideas will add that unmistakable character to your wedding.

Here are a few gentle tweaking that your traditional wedding may need to give you are truly exceptional experience.

Same dress best men or bridemaids:

Traditionally in an Indian weddingthe concept of best men and bridesmaid does not necessarily exists. But inevitable both the bride and the groom have some of their best friends or siblings attending to them on their wedding day. It’s a good idea to recognize their efforts and dress them in a way that they stand out and are appreciated. Ask your bridesmaid to dress in a similar shades you could choose - green, lilac or even silver. If you are up for it having them dressed in identical Indian dresses is a great idea too. Many Indians, especially the ones settled abroad have started getting the bridesmaid in similar dresses. The same goes for best men. They can be all dressed in similar kurta pyjamas or same bandgalas. It may be a good idea too that the bride ad the groom read a little thank you note for their bridesmaid and bestmen to appreciate their contributions for your big day.

A classical theme:

Suggesting a theme for a wedding can be a tricky affair. After all you have friends and family across ages and preferences so striking a middle ground can be a little tough. However chances are slim that you could go wrong with a classical theme for your wedding day. Get the decor that resembles folklore or get a family tree of both the grooms’and brides’ family to make elders feel important. As for the food, going fusion may sound very tempting but it may not exactly be what your elders find palatable. A wedding feastis the best time bring out age-old recipes honoring the legacy. Add to your menu some of the classic dishes served at your grandmother’s wedding feast. Sometimes it’s the magic of the bygones that is more special than some of the most exclusively crafted modern menus.

Cutlery to decor:

Instead of picking up banal Greek or Turkish themes for your wedding that may have no direct reference to your customs or practices, bring about your family traditions. If your family has a traditional custom of dinning in silverware, request your caterer to arrange for silver coloured cutlery. If your family tradition has been to put marigold torans during all auspicious occasions, then leave the fancy lilies and orchids and ask the florist for a genda flower decoration. Marigold mixed with raat ki rani or mogra can give a very unique decor arrangement. Also ask your decor artist for colours that resonate your family traditions. If you have predominantly red decor at your home or pastels then recreate the same atmosphere for your wedding. After all you need your wedding ceremony to reflect your family traditions more than any other idea lifted from fantasies.

Aug. 10, 2017, 10:37 a.m.