How to Throw a Kid-Friendly Party

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In times like these, when airlines are introducing childfree zones, it's natural to think that is it really humane to think of kids as nuisance. While all of us have been through that stage of diapers and meltdowns, often it takes to be a parent to realize that it seems extremely improbable that some adults would refuse to put up with natural child behavior. However, while the debate on whether children can be party poopers goes on, we would suggest you to have a place for everyone in your soirée, especially the little ones. Not only the parents would love your gesture but it would also open your heart to that childlike abandon we all yearn for in our adult lives.

It begins with the invite:

So you are throwing a success bash for the promotion you just scored at work and the idea of doodling balloons on the invite to engage the kids seems somewhat misplaced to you? Do not fret; the idea is to subtly include the kids in your invite. How about sending a box of candies along with the invite for the kids in the family along with the invite addressed to the adults. Include a note in the candy box with the note that Uncle Krish or Aunt Rachna would want the kids to study harder and score bigger such success bashes when they grow up. You get the drift.

Hire a play date expert or two:

The best idea will be to let the kids enjoy with their peers while the adults too get some time of their own. Set aside an hour or two when the kids can be kept entertained through games and quizzes organized especially for them. The parents will love your thoughtfulness and the kids would have a gala time too.

Of sweets and savories:

While planning the menu many hosts forget that there may be little members in the party too who not exactly like the idea of a greek salad or a steak. It will take just a bit of imagination to come up with a kid's menu. Think of including dishes such as Parle G cheesecake and no it does not require you to be a culinary expert. It just requires a slathering of cake sandwiched between two layers of biscuits. Things like cake pops and fruit loops that are easy to arrange and appear fanciful to kids are some other great ideas. The moms who won't have to go back and rustle a quick meal for their kids will thank you later for this.

Build a creative corner:

Just arrange for a few tables and chairs and throw in some craft supplies, chart papers, sequins etc. Ask the kids to let their creativity flow and create their craftwork. As a bonus the kids get to carry back their craftwork as a souvenir. We bet the memories of your party will be displayed in their rooms for a long time to come.

July 26, 2017, 5:29 a.m.