How to Throw a Green Party

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In these days of environmental consciousness, the idea of celebrating with an excess of food, resources and energy consumption sounds a bit callous. But in a bid to contribute towards mother earth, to let go of socializing and celebrating, sounds a bit extreme. Celebrations form a part of our essential social structure and are a way to recharge our spirits. So, the next time you throw a party, how about doing your bit for the environment alongside having a jolly good time.

Throw a day party:

Yes during night time you will need a few extra energy resources. So how about shifting your party during noon hours. As a bonus, you will get a few extra hours to party without ruining your sleep.

Eat local:

Say no to packaged and tinned food that has gone through various processes of packaging and has left enough carbon footprints. Buy your veggies and fruits from a local farmers market. Serve food with minimal processing a cold cut salad bar with just the goodness of fresh lettuce, cherry tomatoes and a dash of lime juice is a wonderful idea. Instead of gooey desserts serve fresh cut fruits with some whipped cream in case you feel cut fruits can be too meh. Strawberries, cherries, mangoes, apples whatever is in season bring it in and serve it cut into cubes with honey or cream dressing.

Minimize your plastic usage:

It may mean working a little extra but trust us it's worth saving a couple of trees. Instead of disposable dishes and cutlery use the regular chinaware. It will also look a lot elegant than paper cups and plates

Cut the waste in the kitchen:

Often when we plan a big party a lot of food wastage occurs during preparation. But a few clever tips can not only save some precious food but also serve you some great delicacies. After chopping the veggies do not throw away stalks and stems. Boil them along with some tomatoes and mushrooms and voila you have a great vegetable soup handy as starters.

Use an e invite:

While personalized hand was written invites give a special touch believe us when we say that you could get the same effect with an email invite too. Just draft a personalized two-sentence message for every person that you are inviting. This way everyone will feel special and involved to be your guest.

Use nature-friendly decor:

Instead of cut flowers invest in a few saplings. Use them as your centerpiece. After the party, you can plant the saplings in your garden. This can be a great way to start a green movement within your home. If you are thinking of a giving away a send-off present to your guests how about saying a good bye with a tiny sapling of fruit or flower trees. Trust us your guests will remember you every time they look at the blooming plant in their homes. Instead of paper lamps, even fresh fruits decorated in bowls make for a great eye-catching decor piece.

Aug. 8, 2017, 5:06 a.m.