How to Throw Retro Party

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So you are a retro loving person who loves the nostalgia attached with the flower-power era? Do you find the hippie-chic culture both fascinating and intriguing?

For most millennials who have just seen the retro age on television or heard about it with some nostalgic charm, it sounds like an age of carefree abandon and free spirit. If you are looking to throw a theme party, how about incorporating elements of the 60's and the 70's, the era of Bob Marley and ShammiKapoor?

Here's everything you need to know to throw a retro themed party

Begin with a bang:

The invites for your retro party should set the tone of the mood of the moment. If you are sending a physical invite choose the loudest most garish colour possible. Accompany the invite with a feathery eye mask or anorigami fan. The props will send the message that the party is about that time in history when more less.

The dress code:

Ask your guests to choose their retro look from their favourite character of the era. A boho beach shirt, disco shiny jumpsuit, a feathery stole or a pair of brightest bell-bottoms - the thing with retro era is that you have so many statement choices to pick from. If your friends are 70's Bollywood fans ask them to incorporate elements such as ShammiKapoor's gold coat, MithunChakravatrhy's silver suits or Mumtaz's slim drape sarees and hornet's nest type hair do. The look will go a long way in adding to the thrill of the party.

The snacks and food:

Ditch the regular hummus and pita or fish cutlets type of finger food. The food scene in the party should also reflect the retro era in all its glory. Include in the menu the 'posh' items of that pwriod like chicken a la kiev and tutti fruit ice cream.

The music:

Of course you would be in a mood to play the music from that era but also include a few interactive games like a retro antakshari, where you are only supposed to sing songs from the 60's and the 70's. A dance completion where the best imitator of the moves of the era gets a prize is also a great idea.

The decor:

the brighter the better. Forget less is more and play restraint another day. Do up your house with gold and silver shiny sparkles. Put up buntings and halo lamps. Do up your tress and plants with fairy lights. Make every corner shine bright and you have the recipe for a rocking retro bash.

Embrace the excess:

If you are a minimalist who hates the word clutter. Try having fun with it for a day. Clutter up your house with small trinkets and decoratives. Bring out all the candles, the vases and the tea lights. The house should embrace the warmth of the period in history that was known for its bohemian rhapsody. If you have been waiting to do up your walls, then now is the time to put up that bold floral wallpaper.

Aug. 4, 2017, 4:48 a.m.