How to Spend Your Anniversary Most Romantically

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A wedding anniversary, for a couple is the most special reminder of their togetherness. Needless to say, celebrating the day in style is something that every couple would want. However it's not necessary that a big party is the only way to tell yourself that you are special to one another. Here are a few low-key but romantic ways to celebrate your union.

Nostalgia trip: If you happen to live in the same city where you got married, it can be a most romantic idea to spend the evening at the same venue. Book a dinner for the two of you. Just dine together and reminisce the years that have gone by since the day you celebrated at that very place.

Relive the romance: After getting married both of you began getting ready together often amidst verbal duels on who takes longer or who gets lost on the roads. For once meet at a dinner spot the way you used to meet during your courtship days. May be both of you reach directly from your office. There will be some thrill in waiting at the table for your partner to show up after so many years.

A cosy evening: If you are not in a mood to go out and your idea of relaxing is being at home doing nothing. Do exactly that on your wedding anniversary. Take a day off, relax and watch the sunset together sipping tea in your terrace. Order your favourite food delivery. Do up your dining table with candles and flowers and feel as if you are dining at a fine eatery, only in the comfort of your pyjamas.

Make a special gesture: Cut flowers from your garden and create a bouquet for your partner. If you are good at it bake a batch of chocolate chip cookies. Use icing to create romantic patterns like heart or roses over it. Store the batch in a cookie jar and for a few days after your anniversary the heart shape cookie would bring a smile to your face.

Do a favourite activity together: Whether it's watching a movie together, cooking a meal together or playing a round of chess with each other. Spend the day doing what you enjoy together. It doesn't have to be an elaborate activity but even something as simple as planting a sapling together. As the plant grows you will always remember the day you planted it together.

Leave romantic notes: A love note doesn't necessarily have to be mushy or suggestive all the time. Leaving a thank you note acknowledging what all your partner has done for the relationship often speaks more and is valued for a long time. You could also draw cards for each other detailing the things you love the most about each other. Read it out to each other and you have a romantic evening more special than anything else.

Small things mean big: Doing small things like wearing the perfume your partner bought for you or doing up the room with fresh flowers are just small ways to remind each other that you care and the day is special.

Aug. 22, 2017, 5:12 a.m.